About Miss Mouthy

Miss Mouthy, AKA Danielle, has been married to Mr. Mouthy for 15 years. They have two sweet daughters, ages 7 and 9. After 5 years as a SAHM, Miss Mouthy returned to the workforce full-time, teaching Middle School Special Education. Yeah, she’s crazy like that!  The Mouthy family resides in a small town about an hour outside of Seattle.
Since she recently turned 40, Miss Mouthy has been focusing on Finding Her Fabulous. She noticed the lack of quality beauty blogs for women over 30 and decided to fill that need.
At this time, Miss Mouthy does not sell advertising, but she’s open to the concept if it’s a great fit! MissMouthy.com is all about practical information and advice, conservative viewpoints and fun around every corner.
Please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Mouthy at Miss Mouthy *at* g mail *dot* com.


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