Entertainment Review: America’s Got Talent or I *heart* Kevin Skinner

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I’ll admit it. I watch America’s Got Talent and American Idol mostly to watch the losers not-so-great performers. My husband and I often try to guess if someone is horrible or awesome before they start performing.

Tonight was no different. When we saw Kevin Skinner, we thought he would be horrible. Every syllable out of his mouthy confirmed our opinion. Boy, were we wrong.

From the first note from his guitar, Kevin Skinner blew me out of the water. He was so authentic and real. I don’t often cry (a delightful side effect of antidepressants), but Kevin almost made me cry. That’s saying something!

I really hope Kevin Skinner makes it all the way. I hope he says, “I’d like to thank Miss Mouthy.” I hope his dreams come true.

Kevin Skinner on America’s Got Talent

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