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Need a Good Dentist? Dr. Jon is Your Man! 4 Reasons I Love My Dentist

You know what I love even more than a root canal? Shopping for a dentist. A few years ago, my regular dentist was out of town for 2 weeks. I needed a crown and I couldn’t wait. I called nearly every dentist in Enumclaw, asking for the price of a crown. Those who couldn’t give me a straight answer were crossed off my list. It just seems fishy. Those who couldn’t get me in within the next few days were also off my list. I don’t like to book appointments weeks in advance. Once I had the list narrowed down, I made an appointment with the least expensive one. Did I mention I had cruddy dental insurance?

What a happy encounter! That first appointment with Dr. Jon Holmberg was a delight. No, seriously.

  1.  My favorite feature is that Dr. Jon actually cleans your teeth. In previous offices, a dental hygienist would clean my teeth, take the x-rays, and the actual dentist would pop in for a total of 1.7 minutes, if I was lucky.
  2. I never get the feeling that he’s out to take my money. Let’s face it…for most of us, if the dentist says you need a filling, you get a filling. I have no home test to see if I actually need a filling, I just go with it. With Dr. Jon, he’ll tell you exactly what you need done. He’ll also tell you what we can watch and wait on.
  3. When my daughters were ready to see a dentist, Dr. Jon and his staff did an excellent job. For our most recent 6 month check up, when the hygienist asked who’d like to come back first, my girls were literally jumping up and down shouting, “Me! Me!” Can you believe it?
  4. His staff is phenomenal. Now I have lovely dental insurance. His staff takes care of everything with ease. If there’s a blip in coverage or anything, it’s taken care of very quickly. Plus, when I’m getting a cleaning, they keep an eye on my girls. What dentist office offers that?

Dr. Jon Holberg’s office is in a charming older house right down the street from the Enumclaw Police Station. Call 360-825-2081 for an appointment. Tell him Miss Mouthy sent you!

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