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When I set out to Find My Fabulous one of my first jobs was to find makeup. I had no idea where to start. I searched blogs, stores and magazines. I quickly discovered I could pay $40 for a mascara or I could pay $1. I quickly decided to start with the cheap stuff and work my way up as I gained experience and discovered what looks I liked. Nearly every blog and magazine mentioned one brand for inexpensive makeup or drugstore dupes for high end products.


That stands for Eyes Lips Face. is amazing! Most of the products work just as well or better than their expensive counterparts and the prices are generally $1 to $3. If you want to go wild and crazy, you can find some products upwards of $6.

ELF has three levels of cosmetics. Essentials are the most basic, Mineral is a little more high end Studio is the top of the line. I’m planning to do some in-depth reports on individual products, but here are a few of my favorites so far:

Cheap Makeup


First, you’ll see my new favorite lipstick, Essential Lipstick by You read it right, this lipstick is only ONE DOLLAR! A buck! At that price, you can try every single one of the dozen shades they offer. This lipstick is creamy and rich, smells wonderful, and has decent staying power.

Next you’ll see the Essential All Over Color Stick. I have pink lemonade, but I just ordered all the other colors. For 50% off. Yeah, you read that right. These colors can be used on the eyes, lips and face, but I’ve only used it as a cream blush so far.

The Essential Eyelid Primer is a total game changer for me. One reason I quit wearing makeup was because I would go to all this trouble to look “just so” and within an hour, you couldn’t even tell I was wearing makeup! This stuff makes my eye makeup stay put from 6 AM to 10 PM. I have the Sheer color, which is sort of a pinky flesh tone. I also have the Pearl, which is a shimmery white. You swipe this on your eyelid, dab it around with your fingertip, then apply your eye shadow. Sheer is not really noticeable under your shadow while Pearl gives you a light shimmery color to start your eye look.

The Essential Shimmering Facial Whip is a fantastic highlighter. If you’ve seen any YouTube videos on makeup, you’ve surely seen something about highlighting and contouring. This is the product you need for highlighting. It’s very similar to a product, but way less expensive. I put a dab of this on the inner corner of my eye, under my brow bone, and perhaps on the tops of my cheekbones. You can use it in many ways, but this is how I’ve started using it. I have Lilac Petal, which isn’t lilac at all. Weird.

The last item is my big splurge at $2. I know, cra-cra. This is the Essential Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner. First of all, it’s not waterproof. Boo. However, it is long lasting and really easy to use! Liquid eyeliner scares me, but this is simply like using a felt tip pen. You can make thin lines, thick lines, whatever. Awesome!

A couple of notes-

One complaint is that the colors on the website are nothing like the actual color. It’s frustrating, but at a buck, I really don’t care too much. If you really want to know the colors, just type in “elf lipstick swatches” and you’ll have tons of information.

ELF often has 40 or 50% off sales.If you want to buy a bunch of stuff, wait for a sale!

Are you ready to try a new look or see how a particular product works for you? Check out and go wild! It is time for you to Find Your Fabulous!



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