Blogging Tax Deductions?

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Tax Deductions for Bloggers

It’s not even close to tax time, but my brilliant husband had a question. Our upstairs bathtub has a crack. Can we remodel our bathroom and write it off if I blog about it, take before and after pictures, and enter it into contests?

What if we take a trip and I blog about it?  Deduction or not?

What if I order a mood board from This Young House? And I follow every bit of their advice? And I buy every dreamy accent piece they recommend? Is that a tax write off?

What do you think? Am I just asking for trouble from The Tax Man?

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One thought on “Blogging Tax Deductions?

  1. What happened to blogging every day? I keep checking this site looking for some more Miss Mouthy wit and I am getting nada!!!

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