Book Review: O2…Breathe In…Breathe Out…Breathe In…Breathe Out

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I am so excited to partner with LitFuse to share this new book by Richard Dahlstrom. O2 is an amazing book on Christian Living and spiritual growth.

Have you ever been on a mission trip? Years ago I went to the Philippines with a small group from my church. I was so excited to get out there are bless those folks. As it turns out, I was the one blessed. Now, even 15 years later I look back at that time and the blessings and growth in my life. Those two weeks had a greater impact than a year of sermons. I understand this is a common reaction to mission trips.

In O2, Pastor Dahlstrom shares that our faith ought to be like breathing. We inhale and exhale. We simply cannot do one without the other. Go ahead. Try it. Breathe in…and wait…and wait. How’s that goin’ for you? Now, breathe out…and wait…and wait. Any better?

In our faith, inhaling are the disciplines of solitude, prayer, Bible reading, silence and sabbath rest. We all know it’s necessary. We usually know HOW to do it, but how many of us actually follow through? It’s not as intuitive as inhaling but just as necessary.

Exhaling includes service, hospitality, and living generously. Serving others seems so much easier than those darn disciplines. Often we think we need to get the inhaling part down pat before we can start exhaling. Really?

I know for me, I was newly walking with God when I went on my mission trip. I didn’t know any better…I didn’t know I was supposed to have all the answers  before I could serve other people. I went out and served and, in turn, my inhaling became stronger.

Now I find myself totally out of balance. Honestly, since I’ve rejoined the workforce, I’m not inhaling or exhaling. I’m not doing either and boy, can I feel it. My faith is suffering in every way.

This book has been inspirational. It has made me yearn for the O2 I know I need and I’m taking baby steps to get breathing again.

Thank you, Richard Dahlstrom, for writing O2.

Would you like to read this book? Win a signed copy of 02 for yourself! There are two ways to enter! The winners will be announced 10/26.

  1. Jump over to Pastor Richard’s blog “Pastoral Musings from Rain City” ( ) and leave a comment between October 5th and October 24th. Just say hi or tell Pastor Richard what you liked about his book, or share with him how you’ve experienced ‘new life’ in your faith!
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Wanna know more? Check out a video with Richard Dahlstrom. Or check this out if you’d to follow the rest of the blog tour.

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