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Tent TrailerWe’re heading for the open road, and a lovely state park, later this week. I love to camp. My girls love to camp. Mr. Mouthy isn’t too excited about “our kind” of camping, but he’s game.

We have a tent trailer, similar to the one above. We typically camp with a large group, mostly my family. They all have big trailers and we have velcro holding our canvas wall up. I call it our crack-pot security system.

The best part of group camping is we each take one night to provide dinner. So, in one week, we’ll cook one dinner, usually chili dogs because our resources aren’t so much. One night of cooking and clean up,, for an entire week of eating. Sweet!

I’m curious to see how our girls will do this year. the youngest is almost three and the oldest is 4. I think they will giggle and pull hair for an hour before they go to sleep. We’ll see.

Camping is a great time for riding bikes, going for walks, checking out nature and enjoying time with one another.

Do you camp in any of its varieties? Details! Details!

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