Can You Help Solve a Cold Case?

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Anna Marie Sheehan

Anna Marie Sheehan

Please let me introduce you to Anna Marie Sheehan.  She was my grandpa’s sister, one of 12 siblings. Only July 4th, 1982, Grandpa received a phone call at my aunt’s cabin. Our entire family was together to celebrate the holiday. I remember it so clearly, even though I was only 9 years old.

Aunt Marie was stabbed to death in her own home. She lived by herself in Tukwilla, Washington. The motive for her murder is still unclear. There was money in her purse, nothing seemed out of place. A neighbor found her with the knife still in her.

For many years, a neighborhood teen was suspected. I remember hearing that they knew who did it, but they couldn’t catch him. Even as a 9 year old, that just seemd wrong. Fast forward to 2004. Finally the DNA technology was in place and a forward thinking detective was able to recover DNA from the 1982 case. They were able to track down the teen, now a 40 year old man living in Alabama. After a 3 day wait, detectives were shocked and disappointed to learn the DNA was not a match.

At this point there is no suspect and no motive. The house has been torn down. What next?

This is where you come in. Most crimanals talk. They want to share their “accomplishment.” As time goes on, the criminal feels more and more assured that they are safe since nothing has happened. They share with a friend, perhaps they get drunk and spill the beans. Perhaps the guilt finally cathes up with them and they confess to clear their conscience. They don’t share with the authorities, they share with a friend or loved one.

Do you know anything about Aunt Marie?  Have you heard anything over the years that now rings a bell? Do you know someone who knows someone who knows something? Please, please call. Even if you think it’s nothing, let the detective sort it out. Contact Det. Jake Pavlovich at 206-205-7887 or by e-mail at Please repost this on YOUR blog. You never know how far things can reach.

Out of 12 siblings, there are 3 left, the oldest in her mid-90s. This would mean the world to them to have this long chapter closed.

Aunt Marie's House and the Scene of the Crime

Aunt Marie's House and the Scene of the Crime

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3 thoughts on “Can You Help Solve a Cold Case?

  1. I know all the need information to slove this murder case. just need some one to listen and do the home work. this person has told me everything and the Columbus Police detective will not do anything. I have a little two year old daughter life that could also be in danger. I know the name of ever key player in this murder. I know how it happen and why it happen, and who play what part. please help. my home number is 614 633 0193

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