GIVEAWAY and Product Review – Flushy, Trashy and Sinky!

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*Our Contest is Closed*

The winner is comment #1. Congratulations, Erin!!!

You’ve heard of probiotics, right? I thought they were only found in dairy products. Boy was I wrong! Thanks to, I had the opportunity to use 3 natural household cleaning products by Natural House. Each one contains probiotics, which continue to scour, clean, consume odors, grime, grease, and germs until you use them again in a week.

First we have Flushy. These are little packets you drop in the toilet, let the fizz and bit, then scrub. The water turns blue…why is that the color of toilet cleaner? Who decided that? Anyhow, this keeps your toilet clean for a full week! I am thrilled!

Next up is Trashy. This is a tiny spray bottle you squirt into your trash cans to keep them smelling fresh. Did I mention probiotics digest odors? Yeah! I sprayed this into our 7 year old, 2 child Diaper Champ. It is so stinky, we keep it in the garage. Now? F.A. Daisy! That stands for Fresh As a Daisy. Feel free to use that.

Sinky is a cool little packet you drop down your drain. You run hot water for a few seconds, then run your disposal, if you have one. Simple Simon! Those little probiotics eat up grease, fats, oils and solid waste to keep your drain clear. It’s even healthy for septic systems! Try to find THAT on your drain cleaner!

Check out his video to learn more:

These products by Natural House are really one-of-a-kind. Here’s some info directly from Natural House:

Natural House probiotic natural household cleaning products brings you a revolutionary, new method of cleaning the most dirty areas of your home. Utilizing non-toxic, probiotic cleaning agents, Natural House products are strong enough for commercial clean-up, yet safe and gentle for all of the members of your Natural House.

The surfaces in your house are like a garden. If you don’t seed with good plants, weeds will grow. You have the same choice with your household surfaces: sanitize for a moment with harsh chemicals leaving your surface open to recontamination or seed with probiotics to continuously weed out the bad micro-organisms.

Traditional cleaners “clean” a surface for a moment in time; the second the rag is finished wiping the surface, that surface is almost instantly polluted once again with ambient dust, dirt, and micro-organisms.

Natural House probiotics creates mini-ecosystem on a microbial level that produces enzymes which break down odors, dirt, fats, oil, grease, food scraps, waste and toilet paper products on a continuous basis between applications. This creates a natural, clean, balanced environment that is safe for even the most sensitive members of your natural house.

The action is in the foam! When using your Natural House products be sure and let it foam first to release the cleaning agents before going to the next step on the package directions.

The short and skinny of it is this… our natural probiotic cleaners keep on cleaning long after you’ve stopped!


So, would you like to win a one month supply of Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky? All you have to do is leave one comment on this post sharing your most hated household chore. The contest will close on Sunday, April 8 at 8 pm Pacific Time. I’ll use to select a winner. Then Natural House will send you your very own supply of probiotic natural household cleaning supplies! This contest is open to US Residents only.

To earn extra entries:

Like Miss Mouthy on Facebook

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Follow Natural House on Twitter

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If you do these, just add a new comment and say “I like/follow….” and add your Facebook or Twitter user name so I can make sure you aren’t a liar, liar, pants on fire.

To purchase Flushy, Trashy, Sinky, or any other probiotic household cleaning products, you can go directly to Natural House or even Natural House’s Amazon Store, where you can get perks like Free Super Saver Shipping.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.



Product Review and GIVEAWAY-Thirty-One Skirt Purse

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This giveaway has closed. Comment #1 is the winner! Way to go, Maggie!


I am THRILLED with my newest purchase and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Would you like to win it so you can be cute like me? Enter my GIVEAWAY below! Contest ends Sunday, August 28th at midnight.

My dear friend just launched her new business with Thirty-One. They have the most adorable purses, organizing bags and accessories. My favorite product in the Thirty-One line (so far) is the skirt purse. It is a chic black or brown purse, large enough to fit my iPad and all of my essentials. That’s great, right? Here’s where the magic comes in…the purse comes with a trendy ‘skirt’ that attaches directly to the outside of the base purse! Every time you want a new look, you simply change the skirt and you have a whole new purse without having to fumble with and reorganize all of the contents in your purse. The skirts store flat so you can store 10 skirts in the amount of space an additional purse would take up in your closet. And you can purchase additional skirts for only $15! Plus, you can add accents like the rosettes or scarves for even more stylish options. You can have a complete wardrobe of purses without breaking the bank or ever having to move your wallet and car keys!

For the fall/winter catalog there are 9 patterns to choose from. New skirt patterns and accessories are released with each new season. Plus, most items in the catalog can be embroidered with a phrase, name or initials for only $7.

Wanna win a free Thirty-One Skirt Purse? It’s super easy!

1) REQUIRED-Just comment on this post with the name of the skirt and base purse color you would select. Mine is Parisian Pop on Black, if you care.

2) Post about this giveaway with a link on Facebook or Twitter (2 entries). On your comment, just write “posted on FB” on two comments.

3) Blog about this post (5 entries).

4) For TEN entries, make a purchase from the above link. (If you’re drawn as the winning entry for the skirt purse, we can just deduct it from your order).

Fine Print: The random winner of this drawing will win one skirt purse, which includes one fitted skirt, including shipping, handling, and tax. (Personalization is not included in this giveaway.) Winner will need to respond to notification email with address and phone number by Monday, Aug. 29 at 3pm. If not, a new winner will be selected.



Product Review-Wendy’s Awesome New Berry Almond Chicken Salad and GIVEAWAY

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***contest closed-comment 23-Kristen-You won!!***

I’m a carnivore. I like me some meat. I think the only time I ordered a salad over a burger was on a first date in high school. But I’m thrilled to announce I’ve finally met the salad of my dreams! Please allow me to introduce the new Berry Almond Chicken Salad from Wendy’s. It rocks! (or rawks, as my students say).

Berry Almond Chicken Salad

The first thing I noticed were huge chunks of chicken…I actually had to cut it up! The greens were lovely…11 different types. And no, I did not count them, I got that from the Wendy’s website. But it would be totally like me to do that!

The “berry” part of the salad comes in the form of huge, plump blueberries, quartered strawberries and a zippy raspberry vinaigrette. This is all topped off with roasted sliced almonds and shaved Asiago cheese.


Miss Mouthy and the Berry Almond Chicken Salad

This salad was super tasty and really filling! Just so you know, because I’m a full-disclosure kind of gal, I did order some of the fries with sea-salt. Delish, but I was just too full to eat them. To earn an extra entry, simply write the flavor of your favorite Frosty. It’ll be proof you actually read my post!


Part of the taste-factor may have been due to the setting. My family and I were picnicking in lovely Wapato Park in Tacoma with some of my new bloggy friends!


So, wanna win a $25 Wendy’s gift card? For your first entry, just write a comment about anything…your favorite local park, best menu item at Wendy’s, or even ridiculous things you did in high school to impress a date (okay, this is the comment I most want to read).

You can earn extra entries by tweeting about this post or writing about it on Facebook. Just write “head over to to win a $25 Wendy’s gift card!”

One lucky Miss Mouthy reader will be selected. Enter quick because this contest closes June 7th!

*I have been compensated for my time by Wendy’s and TheMotherhood, but all of the opinions are my own.*


Angela of The Coupon Project


Sia from Centsible In Seattle

Jen from Thrifty Northwest Mom

Jen from Thrifty Northwest Mom and the Mouthy Family

The Me Project Blog Tour and Giveaway!

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First of all, if you’d like to enter to win a Starbucks gift pack, read and enjoy, then write a comment below!
In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you I am Kathi Lipp’s first stalker. See, I was heading to my first ever MOPS convention. As a stay-at-home mom with two kids under 2, I was feeling pretty excited to get away, I mean, explore my full role in motherhood. As part of my research (crazy, late night, online sessions learning everything possible about the convention sessions, hotel layout, local restaurants, etc.) I found a list of vendors. I clicked on Kathi’s link to The Husband Project and was so impressed I immediately emailed her to tell her how much I loved her book concept. She emailed me back. I said I would see her at the convention and she christened me her first stalker!
I own all 3 of Kathi’s books and I love them all. They share a similar layout: each one is full of 21 daily projects to help you focus on one specific area of your life. Each of the 21 chapters is bite-sized, perfect for busy women. Kathi’s writing style is “girlfriend-over-coffee-chat” style. It cracks me up! She is so funny and so real, sharing her very real struggles…ones that she’s overcome and ones she continues to work on.
In The Me Project, Kathi asks us to really take time to develop our God-given dreams. Pretty huge goal for 21 days, right? Well, this book is designed to get you started, get the ball rolling, to focus on your dreams. This isn’t simply a book to read, it is a book to DO.
Kathi suggests starting small…learn to decorate cakes, walk a 5K, plant a garden, or redecorate a room. I decided I wanted to do something splashy…either plant a garden or decorate a room (there is no “re” in my house…we’ve lived here two years and we have exactly 2 pictures on the walls…nothing to “re”decorate here). Oh, and maybe lose weight since I had been attending Weight Watchers for over a month with dire results.  I prayed about it and thought about it and really tried to decide on the best project. Wouldn’t it be great to have lovely vegetables sprouting and perhaps a small cutting garden? Or finally decorate the dreaded “long room?” When I spoke with Mr. Mouthy, he bluntly stated I needed to focus on my health. He wasn’t trying to be mean. He knows, and I do to, that diabetes runs in my family. I’ve been told by a doctor that it isn’t a matter of “if” but a matter of “when.” In January, I had declared my word of the year to be HEALTH. He was only saying what I didn’t want to admit. Think about it…if you had an extra grand, would you rather decorate a room (I know, that’s an IKEA/Walmart budget) or install a new hot water heater? I would pick the splashy project. However, sometimes you just need to replace the hot water heater.
So, with my project selected (get healthy, more specifically, lose weight and begin a workout routine), I began the 21 projects.
One of the first projects is to really seek God’s guidance and confirmation on your selected project. This was a tricky one for me…would God be against me getting healthy? I suppose He might, if it’s in an unhealthy manner or taking time away from my family. But in general, I think He’s okay with it. My only complaint about this book is that there was little differentiation between small and large projects. I think the concept of a Board of Directors is a fantastic idea for a large, life-changing project, like completely switching careers, but for a smaller goal, like the suggestions in the book, it seems excessive.
Many of the projects were very helpful. For example, how can I find time to pursue my goal? What resources do I need? There were lots of suggestions for getting the support you need…finding accountability partners, building a mentor relationship, setting up a Board of Directors, etc. All very helpful. There were lots of small steps suggested…even if you can’t charge after your goal, can you create a list of 20 minute projects to move you forward?
How did this impact me? Before I started The Me Project, I had attended Weight Watchers for about 6 weeks and lost exactly 2 pounds. Sad. In reality, I had lost more than that, but I had gained a lot too, so a net loss of 2 pounds.  Once I started, I lost over 2 pounds in my first week! I set up a daily accountability email with one of my fellow Weight Watchers. I set up a mentoring relationship with a fitness expert, one of my co-workers. She is a tremendous resource on fitness. In addition, several years ago her weight was similar to mine, so she’s very inspiring as a role model, as well. I’m only a few weeks in, but I can already see a difference. Taking small steps every day really will help me meet my goal.
Beyond that, The Me Project really helped me see the bigger picture. I don’t simply want to lose weight to look good, I want to be healthy to see my girls grow up and have their own kids. I want to have energy and stamina to be an active Mommy. I want to BEAT diabetes and make that doctor eat his words…in a nice way, of course.
The Me Project is more than a book, it’s a resource. I anticipate pulling out this book any time I am facing a challenge or want to jump-start a project. This is the kind of book that will be dog eared and well worn over time.
The Me Project(San Jose, CA) Has that rush to make (and break) New Year’s resolutions already waned? According to Daniel Pink, author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, taking small steps every day will not only help you stay committed to your goal, “but will also help you ultimately achieve that goal when obstacles come up. Author Kathi Lipp wants you and your friends to live out those dreams—and have some fun along the way.
From the Publisher:
As women, we forget the goals and dreams of our younger years. The busyness of everyday life gets 
in the way. To-do lists replace goals. The Me Project provides women with fun and creative ways to bring back the sense of purpose and vitality that comes with living out the plans and dreams God has planted in our hearts. Kathi Lipp’s warm tone and laugh-out-loud humor motivates women to take daily steps toward intentional goals. The end result? We get back our lives and enjoy living in the confidence of a purposeful life in spite of our chaotic schedules.

This handy guide coaches women to do one simple thing toward achieving our goals each day for three weeks. A woman experiencing the exhilaration of a rediscovered life offers more as a wife, mother, friend, volunteer, career woman.

Finding the balance between living day-to-day with purpose while pursuing the passions God has placed in our hearts is a delicate pursuit. In this refreshing, insightful book, 
Kathi lays out a doable plan that makes sense and helps make our God-given dreams 
a reality. Never stop dreaming, because women who dare to dream do make the world 
a better place. 
—Jean Blackmer
    author of MomSense: A Common Sense Guide to Confident Mothering
    Publishing Manager, MOPS International

About the author:
Kathi Lipp
Kathi Lipp is a busy conference and retreat speaker, currently speaking each year to thousands of women throughout the United States. She is the author of The Husband Project and The Marriage Project, serves as food writer for Nickelodeon, and has had articles published in several magazines, including Today’s Christian Woman and Discipleship Journal. Kathi and her husband, Roger, live in California and are the parents of four teenagers and young adults. For more information visit her website:

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Three Super-Simple Kick Starts for Living Your Dreams 
– in the next 15 minutes
by Kathi Lipp
Is there a dream that God has given you, but you are waiting until the kids are grown and you have money in the bank before you get started? You may not be able to enroll in a month long pastry making class or take a week off of work to get started on your novel, but today you can take three little baby steps to making your dream a day-to-day reality.
1.Go Public with It
It’s a little scary to tell the world what you want to do when you grow up—but this is one little step could get you closer to living your dream than almost any other. Plus—it takes very little time and you don’t have to raid your kid’s college fund to make it happen.
When you gather up all your courage and tell your best friend, “I want to learn how to paint,” suddenly she remembers an old art book she has laying around she would love to give you, or her friend from church who teaches art classes. The people you know and love want to be a resource. Give them the privilege of being a part of making your dream happen. 
2.Join an Online Group
This is one of the simplest—and cheapest—ways to start exploring your passion. Find out who else is talking about restoring antiques and listen to their conversation. Start by Googling your interest along with the term “online groups.”  You will be amazed with the number of people who want to talk about the proper way to care for 1950’s lunchboxes as much as you do.
3. Don’t be Afraid to Pray
I remember the first time I put an offer in on a house—I wanted it more than I had wanted almost anything else in my life. While I knew that I had dozens of other people praying on my behalf, I was too scared to pray. 
I didn’t want God to tell me no. I was afraid to pray until my co-worker Kim asked me (in a loving, kind way), why I didn’t believe that God wanted His best for me. Don’t be
afraid to pray—as with anything amazing in my life, the path is never what I expected,
but it has always been obvious that God’s hand has been on it the whole way.

It’s a Giveaway Extravaganza! Kindle Giveaway, Facebook Party and Book Bomb – OH MY!

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It’s a Giveaway Extravaganza! Kindle Giveaway, Facebook Party and Book Bomb – OH MY!

Visit the Roaring 20’s with Julie Lessman in the Technology and Romance KINDLE Giveaway! Julie’s latest series has just ‘shimmied’ it’s way onto the scene with book 1 in The Winds of Change series, A Hope Undaunted! 

Find out more about the book, Julie here.

Enter The Technology and Romance KINDLE Giveaway!

One Grand Prize winner will receive a KINDLE preloaded with Julie Lessman’s latest title. The Prize Pack (valued at over $150.00) includes:

* A brand new KINDLE, with Wi-Fi
* A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman

To enter, simply click on the icons below to fill out the entry form and be sure to tell your friends about the contest.

Oh, and enter soon! Winner will be announced on October 7th.

Not only is Julie hosting the fabulous KINDLE giveaway, but also a FACEBOOK  PARTY and a BOOK BOMB!!!

Are you ready for PRIZES GALORE??? Then come to the Facebook Party!

How does a gift certificate and a signed book given away EVERY 10 minutes during an hour-long Facebook party sound? (Yeah, we think it sounds pretty great too!) On October 7th at 5pm PST (6:00 MST, 7:00 CST, & 8:00 EST) Julie is inviting you to attend the A Hope Undaunted Facebook Party! She’ll announce the winner of the KINDLE and in addition to the prizes every 10 minutes, she’ll also be giving away great prize baskets filled with even more Romance and Technology (Netflix, Starbucks,, Champagne body Lotion, Pearls, & more!)!

BUT WAIT … there’s more (and no, this is not an infomercial … it’s WAY better!).  If you participate in the Book Bomb on October 7th you’ll be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to All you need to do to participate is buy a copy of A Hope Undaunted on October 7th and send your receipt (just transaction number from store, store name & date) to! Each book purchased equals one entry, buy 10 books get 10 entries!

All this fun begins with Revell’s blog tour SEPTEMBER 19-25, when 122 blogger/reviewers will post reviews about A Hope Undaunted, followed by the Book Bomb and Facebook Party!

So mark your calendars with these important dates:
September 19-25: A Hope Undaunted will be making an appearance on blogs across the country (and beyond!) in Revell’s blog tour!

September 20th: The Technology and Romance KINDLE Giveaway launches (contest runs 9/20 – 10/6)

October 7th: Book Bomb Day (where everyone is encouraged to buy the book online at the same time!) and Facebook Party – meet and chat with Julie, win some great prizes & find out who won the KINDLE!

Want to help us spread the word about all this fun and be entered to win a $50 gift certificate?

Share Julie’s Giveaway Extravaganza on Facebook, Twitter or your blog and we’ll enter your name into our random drawing to win 50 smackers to!

Once you’ve tweeted, posted on Facebok or added the button to your blog/website – simple email Amy and let her know you helped spread the word. Easy.

Here is a sample post for both Twitter/Facebook:

Tweet This: @JulieLessman is giving away a KINDLE and tons more during her giveaway extravaganza! Details here: Pls RT

Share on Facebook: Julie Lessman is celebrating her new release, A Hope Undaunted by giving away a KINDLE, having a Book Bomb and a Facebook Party! Prizes Galore – don’t miss the fun!

Or add this button to your blog or website! Simply copy and paste the code in the box into the HTML screen of your blog or website. Then email Amy and let her know you did!

A Hope Undaunted Facebook Party

Win a Kindle! Blog Tour for Friend in a Storm

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Cheryl Ricker is hosting this great contest over at her website during the blog tour for A Friend in the Storm, Zondervan’s latest innovative gift book of quotes, Scripture and poetry that leads to lasting hope!

Since this book covers matters of the heart, Cheryl wants to hear from YOUR heart! In the midst of any type of loss, grief or crisis, A Friend in the Storm takes you on a healing journey where you experience Christ’s love in a fresh, memorable way. Now she invites you to submit an original poem, story or snippet about a time when someone was a friend in your storm… and she’s giving you the opportunity to win a KINDLE to do it!

Head on over to her Contest Page on her website to find out how to enter!

On October 3rd, she will randomly select one winner to receive a brand-new KINDLE! She’s also choosing 5 more names at random to receive a signed copy of A Friend in the Storm! The winners will be announced at her Facebook Party on October 4th. The party will take place on Cheryl’s Facebook “A Friend in the Storm” Page – go here for all the details.

Share Your Storm Kindle GiveawayThe Facebook Party will be a blast!  Not only will she be announcing the
Share Your Storm Kindle Giveaway winners, but she’ll also be chatting with party goers, hosting fun trivia contests, and giving away even more prizes every 10 minutes – including signed copies of A Friend in the Storm, and gift certificates to and!

Oh, and check this out – Cheryl is also giving away a $50 Amazon gift certificate! Simply help her spread the word about the contest; Facebook Party. Interested? It’s easy to enter! Here’s how:

Share this on FACEBOOK: Want to help someone who’s hurting? “A Friend in the Storm,” Zondervan’s latest gift book of quotes, Scripture and poetry, is helping thousands find lasting Hope! Go here to enter to win a KINDLE!

Post this on TWITTER: A Friend in the Storm by @cherylricker heals hearts in tough times. Enter 2 win a KINDLE here! #litfuse (You must use hashtag #litfuse to be entered.)

Share this as many times as you like – just email by October 4th and let her know how many times you tweeted/shared on Facebook, twittered or blogged about the contest. Each ‘sharing’ represents one entry into the contest.

Another way to ‘share’ the contest is to add this button to your blog or website.  Adding the button is worth ten entries into the contest!

Simply copy and paste the code in the text box below into the html screen of your blog/website, then send Amy an email letting her know that you added it along with your URL and she’ll toss your extra entries into the pot.

Share Your Storm Kindle Giveaway

Book Review: Making Work at Home Work-2 Giveaways!!

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Giveaway Deadline extended until August 17. See the other items from

Miss Mouthy’s Massive Mid-Summer Giveaway


Do you work at home? I know, as moms we all work at home. I guess what I’m asking is do you get paid for the work you do at home?

Here’s my story-after 4 years as a stay-at-home mom, my dream job opened up and surprise of surprises, I actually got it! (See this post for the “rest of the story.”) I teach part-time for an online high school so I go into my office one day a week then I fit in 12 additional hours during the rest of the week. It has been a difficult balance, to say the least. I feel like I’m always behind at work AND I feel like I’m always behind at home. Oh, and I never actually play with my kids. As I’m in this “nothing fits” situation, I had a little ray of sunshine in my mailbox.

Making Work at Home Work by Mary M. Byers is a fantastic resource for anyone working parent. It has practical “do it today” advice and longer term advice. It speaks to the guilt many moms (and dads) feel. There are times you simply need to get your kids occupied in a matter of 30 seconds and in my house, the TV is the answer. Oh, boy, HEAPS of guilt. Do you have any idea what TV can do to a kid?

Okay, this isn’t an earth-shattering concept, but it’s okay to get childcare. There, I’ve said it. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I can spend time with my kids, nurture them and shape them into responsible citizens, right? Am I a failure if I have a neighbor hood teen watch them for a few hours every other day? NO! This strategy can save your sanity and help your business, whatever it may be. So, this is one of the easy, implement-today ideas.

A longer-term strategy is to determine exactly why you are working. Do you need the money? Do you like a little break from your kids? There are lots of reasons to work, but knowing your motivation can help shape your day. Perhaps you work to earn a little latte money. Then, it’s probably reasonable to work a little after the kids go to bed and during naps. However, if you are working to cover the mortgage bill, you more likely need to set some office hours and regular childcare. You also might need a childcare back up plan.

Mary offers quick ideas for other work-at-home parents about occupying your kids and other strategies to maintain your sanity. The hours between 4 and 6 are called the “witching hours” at my house. It has nothing to do with some fairy tale land, though that’s what always comes to mind. It means that Mommy is kind of witchy so stay outta my way! Mary offers many idea for getting dinner on the table, which eases household stress in any situation, but particularly in this one.

Retirement, taxes and equipment are also covered. This really is a full-service book. I highly recommend it. If you have the whole situation under control, you’ll still pick up helpful tips. If you are more like me, still trying to get a handle on it, this book will be a dog eared resource you’ll turn to often.

Would you like to win a copy of “Making Work at Home Work?” You have 2 chances to win. One here at Miss Mouthy and one at Mary’s website.

To win here, comment about one struggle you face in your work at home situation. This must be followed to earn any additional entries.

2 additional entries-Tweet about this post. Maybe something like, “I just entered an awesome contest on I hope I win the book “Making Work at Home Work!”

3 additional entries-follow my RSS feed

4 additional entries-blog about this giveaway on your blog.

Mary is also giving away a copy at her website and it includes an Amazon gift card as well. Check out the information below.

About the book:

Making Work at Home Work shows moms how to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set without sacrificing their families. It covers important topics such as developing a successful business philosophy, balancing time between work and family, setting realistic goals, and handling the challenges of being both “Mommy” and “CEO” while running a profitable home-based business.

In addition to including her own experiences, author Mary Byers profiles real moms with home-based businesses who offer their hard-won advice.

About Mary:

Mary M. Byers successfully juggles both a freelance corporate writing and speaking business and her responsibilities as a wife and mother of two school-aged children. She is the author of The Mother Load: How to Meet Your Own Needs While Caring for Your Family and How to Say No . . . And Live to Tell about It. Visit her website to learn more: or her blog


Contest! Win a copy of Making Work at Home Work (or another one of Mary’s books–your choice) AND a $25 Amazon gift certificate (for some WAHM essentials – Day Planner, bubble bath, funky file-folders, toddler DVDs)!

There are three ways to win:

  • Leave a comment on this post

Link to buy the book:

Around-the-House Product Review: Joey Totes Review and Giveaway

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Giveaway Deadline extended until August 17. See the other items from

Miss Mouthy’s Massive Mid-Summer Giveaway

Joey Totes

I’m not a super green person. I try to make eco-friendly choices, but mostly when it’s convenient and inexpensive. Sometimes I even feel offended if I feel pressured to be green. For example, I drive an SUV because we tow a camping trailer in the summer. I don’t drive very much, so I really don’t worry too much. Some people give me dirty looks for driving an SUV. WTHeck?

Anyhow, I bought some canvas bags to use for grocery shopping. Not too expensive, not too much trouble. However, I forget the bags nearly every time. I often forget them in my house. Why? I have no idea. There are huge, so that’s not it. Basically, this has been a foray into the eco-scene that hasn’t been successful. Sorry, I tried.

Then, along came Joey Totes. Can I say I love these? ‘Cause I do. Each of the totes has a little pocket on the inside seam. Basically, I just stuff it in the pocket. I don’t have to know a complex origami pattern to get these to fit. As a matter of fact, I can get all three from my set right into one little bag. The entire kit n caboodle fits inside my purse, and I don’t carry one of those huge hobo bags.

Joey Totes

Joey Totes are machine washable and need to be hung to dry. I will probably only wash them if something spills. I have enough laundry to do!

Can they hold much? Oh, yeah! I don’t like to grocery shop. It’s kind of an ordeal with my two darling angels. So when I do go shopping, baby I shop. I try to get enough groceries so I never have to come back again. It hasn’t worked so far, but maybe some day!

Would you like to WIN a set of Joey Totes? Yes, that’s FREE!! It’s another GIVEAWAY!! To enter, swing by Joey Totes and check it out. Then come back here and tell me your favorite feature!

This rule MUST bed followed to enter the contest. You can earn extra entries, too!

2 additional entries-Tweet about this post. Maybe something like, “I just entered an awesome contest on I hope I win the Joey Totes!”

3 additional entries-follow my RSS feed

4 additional entries-blog about this giveaway on your blog.

Contest closes on Wednesday, May 13 at 8 PM.

What if you don’t win? Or you don’t like to go through the trouble of entering? Through May 31, Joeytotes is offering a 10% off coupon code to Miss Mouthy readers. Just enter MISSMOUTHY in the coupon area and you’ll be set! Happy Shopping!!

Software Review: Break Pal

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Welcome to Miss Mouthy! This post may or may not contain affiliate links You'll just have to find out. Okay, yes, it probably does have affiliate links. You've been warned!

Giveaway Deadline extended until August 17. See the other items from

Miss Mouthy’s Massive Mid-Summer Giveaway


I am delighted to introduce you to Break Pal, including a Giveaway below. If you are like me, you probably spend lots of time hunched over the computer. Hours pass before you know it. Perhaps you have developed a little condition called “Techno-Tushy.”

Enter Break Pal. This is an awesome program that sits on your desktop. You select the time frame and Break Pal will pop open to let you know it’s time for an exercise break. You can choose to take a break every 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Would you like an audio reminder or just the visual reminder. It’s totally up to you.

When the reminder pops up, you select the type of exercise you’d like to do. There are standing exercises and chair exercises. You can select breathing and stretching exercises or aerobic moves. You can burn some serious calories here!

Break Pal

Break Pal

If you regularly go to the gym, this probably won’t take the place of your regular workout. However, if you have a serious case of Techno-Tushy, you will notice a difference!

I really enjoy using Break Pal. Sometimes it interrupts what I was doing, but it’s very easy to click it closed when needed. Don’t do it too often, though. I also noticed the trainer has a pretty short skirt, probably for range of motion. If I wore this in my old workplace, I would have been sent home!

If you’d like mini-workouts during the day, please take a look at Break Pal.

Would you like to use BreakPal for FREE???

I’m giving away 3 non-expiring memberships to BreakPal. Here’s how you enter:

1) Go to and sign up for an account. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s free. Don’t worry, you won’t get a bunch of weird emails. This step is REQUIRED.

2) Become a fan of BreakPal on Facebook.

3) 2 entries-Tweet about this post, something like “I really hope I win a non-expiring membership on BreakPal. You can enter too at” You can write whatever you want!

4) Subscribe to my RSS feed for 3 entries.

5) Blog about this giveaway on your blog and link back to this post! It needs to be a real post! This is worth 4 entries!

6) Lastly, give me One Good Reason why you need BreakPal.

This contest will close on Monday, May 11th at 7pm, or when I actually close the contest. Just sayin’.

PS-I have lots of giveaways coming up. PLEASE keep checking in. Seriously, lots of contests!!

And the Winner Is…Cari from

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Welcome to Miss Mouthy! This post may or may not contain affiliate links You'll just have to find out. Okay, yes, it probably does have affiliate links. You've been warned!

Congratulations to Cari from who won the That Baby DVD and CD! Yipee!

Cari, you will be rocking out in no time!!!