Pop Sugar Must Have Box

PopSugar Must Have Box for October 2013

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Pop Sugar Must Have Box

Do you have the PopSugar Must Have Box?

This is my first PopSugar MustHave Subscription Box and I LOVE it! First of all, what is this PopSugar thing? PopSugar is the BEST (in my opinion) subscription box service. For $35 per month (going up to $39.99 in November), you get a delightful assortment of gift items especially curated from the PopSugar team. Wanna sign up? Sign up here and use the code REFER5 and you’ll get $5 off your first box. Each box contains 5-8 items in a variety of categories. This month we have Must Have Food, Must Have Beauty, Must Have Fashion and a Special Extra, for a total of 9 items!

Special Extra

I’m going to start off with my most favorite item in the box! Stitch Fix is a really cool site. You fill out a questionnaire and your personal stylist will handpick items and send them straight to your door! You get to try on the pieces with your current wardrobe and accessories. After each Fix, you review what you liked and didn’t like about each piece so the stylist can get closer to exactly what you want. Each Fix has a $20 styling fee, but if you buy something, they take $20 off the price. In this PopSugar box, we got a gift code to waive the styling fee AND get $20 off a purchase. Once my fix arrives, you can be sure I’ll have a review to share. I CAN’T WAIT!!!


Stitch Fix

Must Have Food

The first item is The Cripsery Halloween Crispycake. It was the most delicious rice crispy treat ever! Super gooey and delicious. And these things are HUGE! they could easily be cut up for dessert for a family of 4. However, I quickly snarfed it up before my children laid eyes on it.

PopSugar Must Have Crispery

Next up is The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified!  by Jessica Seinfeld. I love the “you can do it” attitude of this cookbook! It talks about how to braise and broil, and a bunch of other techniques. I’m afraid I won’t get much use out of it since our household is mostly Gluten Free. I was hoping to give this as a Christmas gift, but how do you say, “You Can’t Cook, so here’s a cookbook for you,” without stirring up a bunch of family drama?

PopSugar Must Have Box The Can’t Cook Book

Must Have Fashion

This was the most disappointing thing in the box: the Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet. I know this is a big designer and the price is listed as $45. However, it sort of looks like something my daughters could have made from a craft box. I’m sure it’s much more special than that, but it’s just not my style. It is delicate, hot pink, with golden beads. 100% of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Connections, so that’s good, but it also frustrates me…what will they do for Lung Cancer month or Prostate Cancer month? My pet peeve, I know, but all this combined made for a sad little bracelet.


PopSugar Must Have Box Gorjana Bali Bead Bracelet

PopSugar Must Have Box Gorjana Bali Bead Bracelet


The Wet Brush is pretty awesome. I have a little pixie cut so tangled hair is not on my personal radar, but I have two daughters, one with especially long, thick, tangle-prone hair. This brush was really helpful to decrease the tugging and tearing of hair. It isn’t a magic cure, but it sure helps the battle!

PopSugar MustHave Box Wet Brush

PopSugar Must Have Box Wet Brush

The Jane Tran Bobby Pins  were interesting. I received the metallic set with blues and greens. In my dark hair, they barely show up. When I let my daughter’s borrow them, they held ALL DAY. One has thick, straight hair and the other has thin wavy hair and neither was a problem for these bobby pins!

PopSugar Must Have Box Jane Tran Bobby Pins

PopSugar Must Have Box Jane Tran Bobby Pins

Must Have Beauty

I am excited about the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner and Smokey Shadow Palette. I’m in love with the color variety of the palette, plus I like that “smokey eye” doesn’t need to mean “my little dark brown eyes look like lumps of black coal in my face” which is usually how dark colors and/or anything smokey makes me look.

PopSugar Must Have Box

PopSugar Must Have Box NYX Smokey Eye Palette

Another beauty goodie was the Julep PopSugar Duo. My color was Char, which is a lovely blue with a hint of purple. The topcoat is pretty amazing. It’s called Freedom Polymer Top Coat and it promises to leave nails smudge free in 5 minutes. Wow! I slapped on a coat of this on my way out the door to tae kwon do, and by the time I was kicking, my toe nails were solid…no chips, no nothin’.

PopSugar Must Have Box Julep

PopSugar Must Have Box Julep



Are you in? Sign up here to get the next PopSugar Must Have Box! Do you have another subscription box you recommend? Have you tried PopSugar?

RocksBox Beauty Wishlist

My Beauty Wishlist: RocksBox Subscription Box

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RocksBox Beauty Wishlist

UPDATE: I just ordered RocksBox. If you sign up NOW, you get a FREE month of RocksBox


Wishlist Item
Rocksbox Subscription Box

Why I Covet ItThis is sort of like Netflix for jewelry! You fill out a profile then the curators send you three pieces of designer jewelry. You can keep it up to 60 days. When you are done, simply return the three pieces in a prepaid envelope and you’ll get three new pieces. If you love something, just keep it! Your credit card will be charged at the discounted members rate.


Rocks Box Reviews

RocksBox.com-Plans are $15-19 per month, depending on how many months you purchase up front. Each box has an average retail value of over $200, so the pieces would have an average price of $66 each.

Why I Haven’t Purchased It Yet
I rarely wear jewelry, but I would like to. That’s why this is so appealing. I could try things out and see what I like! On the other hand, if I never wear jewelry, will I really I start wearing it enough to justify the cost? Plus, the pieces themselves are pretty expensive, even after the special member discount rate.


As far as I know, there is nothing quite like RocksBox out there. If you know of something similar, PLEASE let me know!


Have you tried Rocksbox.com? Do you love it?h do you think it would encourage a non-jewelry person to start wearing jewelry on a regular basis?

Unmentionably Cheeky Subscription Box Review

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Unmentionably Cheeky


Updated: I just got my second mailing of Unmentionably Cheeky and I love it just as much as my first!

My love for subscription boxes is growing…quickly. Is this my favorite? It’s hard to say, since I’m beginning to have so many!

NOTE: This subscription box is for ladies only. If you actually know me in real life, feel free to stop reading. Please stop reading.  I really don’t want my co-workers to know about my panties, new or old.

PS-Yep, I have affiliate links here. I might get a latte with my yearly earnings. 

My newest find is Unmentionably Cheeky. This is a subscription for cheeky panties. For $6 with a coupon code (normally $9) you’ll get two pairs of cheeky undies. Each package is a surprise…you select the size (XS to XXL) and Unmentionably Cheeky picks the colors and style. These aren’t thongs, but they are pretty cheeky. So don’t expect any pictures of this subscription box!

Unmentionably Cheeky Subscription

My first two pairs arrived last week and so far I’m delighted! The first pair was a bright peach color with lace trim. I could see adding these to my daily rotation. They are surprisingly comfortable, way better than a thong.

The next pair was white and lacy. By lacy, I mean lace only. These are very delicate and will not be joining my daily rotation. They will be in the special event drawer. Everyone has one of those, right?

Unmentionably Cheeky includes free shipping to US and Canada, $5 shipping to all other countries. The package arrives in a black shipping envelope, usually within 3 days in the US. I think the address said UMC or something nondescript.

The price is normally $9 for 2 pairs of panties, which is a pretty good deal. But right now if you use the Unmentionably Cheeky coupon code FALL 13 you lock in the price of $6 per package for the however long you keep this subscription, so that’s only $3 per pair! That is darn cheap! Victoria’s Secret Cheekies start at $11 a pair, not including shipping and tax. Sure, you get to select your own style and color, but for triple the price? I’ll take a good surprise!

As you journey to Find Your Fabulous, consider Unmentionably Cheeky. Can new panties change your life? Perhaps. Having a little something special no one knows about can be a huge confidence booster. And it might even add a little spark to your love life.

Unmentionably Cheeky Panties

Just a note: I have affiliate links in this post. If you click on one of my links and end up buying something, I get a little bit of cash. Like 2-10%. I know, life changing. I will be a dollaraire in no time!