Children’s Product Review: Children’s Miracle Music

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Have you heard of the Children’s Miracle Music? If it works half as well as it states, I am ALL IN!

My girls are 6 and 4. I have spent far too much money on chore charts, magnets, etc. all for naught. It seems every “solution” is too difficult for me to follow through. Consistency is the greatest threat to my success.

So let’s take a look at Children’s Miracle Music. There are 8 chores in the morning and 4 at night. Each chore is timed and set to upbeat music. If you complete your chore before the song ends, you get a point. You can earn up to 12 points per day. At 100 point, you earn an individual date with Mom, Dad or your spouse.

See, that’s one thing I love. The entire family participates at once! If I was a fantastic housekeeper, I would probably be able to pass that along to my kids. I’m not. I need the music and motivation as much as they do!

Get this: No begging, bribing, or bawling.

There is an amazing amount of research showing how important it is for children to do chores. Here’s some information from the University of Minnesota. WebMD has a great article citing lots of authors and the reasons and value of having children complete chores.

Now that we have that decided, back to Children’s Miracle Music. When you purchase this package, you get two CDs and both include the morning and evening routine. Each CD has different music selections, but they have the same chores. (As an aside, did you know that music with lyrics typically gets “old” but songs without lyrics maintains it’s fresh-factor much longer. You also get a chart to track up to 8 family members, plus stickers and a pen. There are two bonuses right now, with a CD and DVD, one especially for dealing with teens.

Here’s my question…Does this program sound good to you? Do you think it might work with your family? The ONLY thing holding me back is the price. If I knew it would work, I would be all over it. I know I have spent at least that much on chore charts and things. But that’s a pretty penny for another “solution” that won’t do

I would LOVE your feedback. Have you tried it? Do you think it will work? HELP me decide what to do!!

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One thought on “Children’s Product Review: Children’s Miracle Music

  1. I guess whether or not it would work would depend on what you’ll do if they become more concerned with doing their chore fast than doing it well. Y’know? If they complete their chore in time, but it was done sloppily, do they still get that point? I think it’s a really good idea in theory, though you may have a few kinks to work out.

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