Children’s Product Review: Zingo Board Game

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One of the most popular Christmas presents my girls received was Zingo. It’s tagline says, “Bingo with a Zing!”

Each player gets a Zingo card with 9 simple pictures. Each picture also has the matching word. When everyone is ready, use the “Zinger” to bring forward two picture tiles. If that matches a spot on your card, be the first to shout out the word and you get the tile. The first player to get blackout yells “Zingo” and wins.

Pretty simple. One feature I really like is one side has just a little competition for each tile. The other side of the card has more competition for each tile, meaning the same word shows up on lots of cards. When we’ve played, it usually ends up a matter of luck to determine the winner. This works so well because my older daughter can almost always grab the tile before my younger one. This evens the playing field. It also helps the whole “do I let my child win” dilemma. It’s often out of your hands.

The game goes quickly so there are lots of chances to be the winner. An entire round takes about 5 minutes. It’s really simple with no complicated rules. Our entire family has enjoyed it. There are also several bilingual versions including Spanish, French and Hebrew.

The game manufacturers say this game can help with image and vocabulary recognition, matching, memory, concentration, and social interaction. I suppose that’s true. However, the biggest benefit I see is having a game we can all play together.

I’m planning to stock up on these. The price is right and  it is the perfect unisex birthday gift to have stashed away in your gift closet!

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