Don’t Choke-Cut Grapes Quicker than Ever!

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I remember before we had kids a mom I knew went over the edge because I fed her 3 year old an entire grape. What in the world? Once I became a mom, I understood what she meant. Choking hazards are everywhere and grapes are included on that list.

However, if you cut each and every grape in half, you just might go crazy. I spotted this neat trick over on To Gnome Me is to Love Me.

Wash your grapes. Find 2 flat lids that are about the same size. Like Gnome, I used the lids from my Smart Spin Storage system (which I ~heart~). Put your grapes on one lid, then put the other lid on top of your grapes. While holding the lid-grape-lid sandwich, run your knife between the lids horizontally. Lift the lid and adore your halved grapes!


I LOVE ideas like this…simple, doable, no expensive products to buy and store. Awsome!! Thanks for sharing, Gnome, and thanks for the pictures, too!

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