Don’t You Wish Your Blog Was Hot Like Mine?

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Welcome to Miss Mouthy! This post may or may not contain affiliate links You'll just have to find out. Okay, yes, it probably does have affiliate links. You've been warned!

I love my blog. I really love it. I love the way it looks, the way it runs, I love everything about it. Is that bragging? Of course it is!

Who do I have to thank for this? Shera! Shera is my hero! First of all, she hosts my blog at She does all my wordpress updates and generally rocks. Her customer service is outstanding. When I first got rolling, I had just under a bazillion questions. I’m surprised she didn’t block my email. She answered every single question in a prompt manner with helpful information. Her rates are amazing, so if you are considering hosting your own blog, please check her out.

I love that¬† Shera only supports family friendly websites. In this day and age, that’s huge.

Isn’t my blog pretty? I have Shera to thank for that, also. See? She’s amazing? Shera has lots of amazing designs at and once your purchase it, it’s yours. She will never re-sell your design. It’s all yours! When I’ve checked out prices for something like this, it’s typically over $200. For pre-designed blogs, the prices are VERY REASONABLE. I’m not going to quote prices here, because that’s up to Shera, but I will say they are in the double digits. So, that narrows it down to $10-99. Pretty resonable, right?

Lastly, I really love having my own domain name. I found a coupon at so it was less than $7 at

Keep in mind, you can always have a blog at WordPress, Blogger, typepad or any other place, but for me, this little situation totally ROCKS!

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