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Finding My Fabulous
I just turned 40.

I cut off my hair.

I went from shoulder length hair to a short pixie cut. Yeah, I did that.

I decided, since my face was now just “out there,” and I didn’t want to look like a man, I needed to start wearing lipstick.

If I was going to wear lipstick, I may as well start wearing makeup.

It’s sort of like the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin. It just keeps going and going.

Guess what? I am LOVING it! I am having so much fun styling my hair and trying on makeup. It’s awesome.

I am Finding My Fabulous!

Care to join me? I will be posting my trials and tribulations as I find my own fabulous. Perhaps you can find yours too!

Watch here for:

Product Reviews

Video Tutorials

Hot Products, especially for “mature” ladies, not old women

Much more!

What would you like to see? How can I help you to Find Your Fabulous?



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Find Your Fabulous,

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