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One of my new favorite websites…First World Living. Do you find living in a wealthy nation to have its own problems that folks from third world countries just don’t understand? If so, First World Living is definitely for you! Soggy pancakes got you down? Is that $5 coffee messing up your ‘stache? Are your fried eggs misshapen? First World Living has the solutions you need!

the problem:

I left the syrup on the pancakes for too long and now they’re all soggy.

the solution:

There are very few things in the world more disgusting than soggy pancakes. The stuff they eat on Fear Factor, for one. The pancake plate solves this first world problem. It’s elevated on one side so the syrup drips into a reservoir keeping your pancake nice and dry. May we suggest Bacon Syrup to go with that?


the problem:

The shape of my fried egg was smaller than my sandwich. I had to endure few bites that was only bread like some carnival orphan.

the solution:

Make every bite full of free-range organic farmers market eggy deliciousness with Joie’s Sandwich Egg Shaper. It’s made of heat resistant silicone so you can just pop it on the pan, crack an egg, and bam, perfectly shaped egg for your sammich.

the problem:

My manly Ron Swanson mustache gets whipped cream in it when I drink my latte.

the solution:

This isn’t one of those silly mugs with a mustache print on it. This mug is for real hard mofos with real mustaches. The mustache shaped guard protects your manstache from getting soiled by whatever you’re drinking. For classy soup connoisseurs, check out this mustache protecting spoon.

Before I get a flurry of angry emails (who am I kidding? I’d love a flurry of emails about Miss Mouthy, angry or not) you should know that is planning to donate a portion of the commissions earned by products purchased through the site to those who really need it.

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