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Okay, I’ll admit it. I have tried FlyLady again and again and it just doesn’t fit me. It’s a fantastic program and lots of people find success, but not me. I’m a FlyLady Failure (if you have no idea what I’m talking about…are you living under a rock? Just kidding…checkout It really is great!)

Why am I a failure? I really think the abundance of emails overwhelms me. I know I can delete them but it still gets to me. Second, it’s computer based. That’s like hosting an AA meeting at the local bar.  Seriously. I like the computer. I love the computer. The computer is why I can’t seem to fold laundry. Or clean a toilet. Or…do anything productive. So, I’m supposed to sit at the computer, see what to do, then get off the computer and go do it? Sorry. Not going to happen. I tried it.

I am delighted to introduce you to Motivated Moms. Here’s the basic idea…there are daily routines for you to complete, including:

  • Make Beds
  • Load/Run/Empty Dishwasher
  • Wipe Out Bathroom Sinks
  • Plan and Cook Dinner

Then there are the assigned chores each day. For today, I need to

  • Clean the dishwasher door
  • Clean refrigerator door shelves
  • Sweep porch
  • Change sheets-master bedroom
  • Do a quick tidy/put away in each room of the house
  • Sort kitchen & bath towels and cloths-buy new if needed
  • Spend time on a craft/hobby

Why do I love Motivated Moms so much? I like that I print it out and check off each item. I can post this on my fridge or in my MomAgenda.  I like that. I can take it around my house if I want to. I don’t have to sit at the computer so I know what to do next! Hey, at some point my husband or kids might even see the list and do something. You never know!

I really like that seasonal chores are included (change furnace filter), regular chores are broken down (this week I only clean the refrigerator doors shelves, not the entire refrigerator). The Motivated Moms system even includes clipping your child’s nails, something I always forget until we’re in public and I see they are way too long. I forget about it, then think about it when I can’t cut them, then forget. Arg!

So, how much would you pay for this? $300 per month? Of course not! If you will, email me for…something…I’ll sell you something! Anyhow, it’s only $8 per YEAR. Heck, that’s a latte and a muffin. There are several different formats…all week on one page, one day at a time, both in half-sheet sizes and you can get each choice with or without daily Bible reading suggestions to read through the entire Bible in a year. You download the entire year, then you can print it all out at once or just one or two sheets at a time.

Seriously, if you are someone who has difficulty “keeping house,” this is the perfect solution!

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