Here’s a Quick Way to Celebrate Your Spouse: From*me Tees

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From*me Tees

I discovered From*me Tees this October at the MOPS convention. These t-shirts rock! From*me Tees are t-shirts and other apparel designed to celebrate marriage. How often do I complain and “vent” about my husband? Compare that to how many times I brag on him….not a good math equation.

From*me Tees’ central product are t-shirts that say “My Wife Rocks” or “My Husband Rocks.” They have lots of colors and styles. The women’s run pretty small, so order a size or two larger than normal. They also have really cute kid clothes that say “My Daddy Rocks (mommy was right).”

Special note to brides: Very cute shirts that say “Bride” and “Groom” and My Wife 2b Rocks. What a fantastic way to celebrate you love and commitment to one another!

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