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WARNING-I am breaking my own rules. What I’m featuring here is certainly safe for work, but if you go to the website Regretsy, you might need eye bleach…and something to block your screen. Parts of this website are N-A-S-T-Y! You are bound to see some crafty body parts, just so you know. Here you go:

Last week, I featured Pinstrosity, which highlights items people attempted from Pinterest, but that didn’t go so well. Those are submitted by the actual people who tried and failed and some crafty craft. Regretsy is similar, except the editors select items from Etsy. The items are hideous. The downside is the “artists” are usually pretty upset their items are featured here. But seriously? $150 for a peach pit that looks like pooh? Check it out and see what you think:

Admit it. At first glance, this looks like pooh. Who would sell pooh for $145? Read closer. It’s a jewel encrusted peach pit! Again I ask, who would sell a peach pit for $145?

This headband, or “floral fascinator” looks simply fetching. But why is the model sitting on the toilet? It appears to be a lovely bathroom with a 4 inch sink, but really?

I’m speechless. Seriously. This is hand edited by the artist. Wow. I can see where this could be legitimate art. But the price of $150 is what puts me over the edge on this one. A picture of a stranger with a golden, glittery horse is not worth $150.

A couple of the features I love on Regresty are:

Compare and Save-They say it’s handmade, but it’s totally not!

Let’s Play a Game-Etsy or Regretsy-Items are featured and you guess if they are actual items on Etsy or if they are hoax items on Regretsy. You will be surprised, I guarantee it!

What do you think? Is Regretsy too harsh on the artists? Or is it fair fun-making considering the price and quality of these items?

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