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Ya’ll know I love to laugh, right? Well, this website, is pretty stinkin’ funny. It’s not all family friendly, but I would consider it mostly safe for work.

ExplainThisImage has funny pictures. It just does. I’m so curious…why does this hamster have a fillet knife taped to his back?

As a site visitor, you can rate each image on a 1-5 scale and you can sort them by most popular.

What’s up with this dog? The funniest part is the user-generated captions. You can vote on those, too.   Each of the images has some of the suggested captions below.

Shhh!!! I’m thinking outside the bun!
Oh, si… The mustard… she feels so good in my toes…
Word from MissMouthy…I think this dog might be a good candidate for Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves

Because water balloon fights are just that intense.

The balloon is a diversion so you do not notice that his eyeglasses are holding in his eyeballs.

I’m telling you, Officers, a guy with a tux and a sewing machine told me it was all right to park here.

Never try to sew on your corsage while driving.

Frogman has no need for public transportation.

CIA (Clowns In Action) – searching for nuclear weapons
“Okay, one of us is going to have to create a distraction . . .”
At least the French finally decided to help!


This was so much cooler in my head…
Okay guys….bring the ladder back! …. GUYS?
Darn these cheap Go Go Gadget limbs
Horoscope For Today: You will experience challenges…
So, what do you think? Do you like Explain This Image? What’s your favorite part…the images? the captions? What?
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