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Every Friday, I *hopefully* will post about a new “Funniest Blog on the Internet” as determined by me. Very unofficial voting system. Previously, I posted on CakeWrecks, which still cracks me up.

Today, let’s take a look at Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves. Now, first of all, I don’t take suicide lightly. But pets in funny clothes cracks me up. We have a $1 pair of reindeer antlers we bought at Old Navy several years ago. We have gotten more laughs out of this holiday item. Poor Daisy always lets us know she’s indulging us by wearing them for 30 seconds.

Enough about me and my dog…let’s take a look:

Funniest Blogs on the Internet

The picture is awesome, and even better is the caption, “You betcha I’m going rogue alright. Going rogue all over your new satin furniture.”

They recently featured several Christmas photos. Here’s my favorite:

Funniest Blog on the Internet

Doesn’t that dog just scream “Christmas Cheer?”

Before you start thinking it’s only dogs and cats, set your eyes on this beauty:

Funniest Blog on the Internet

Best part, here’s the caption: “This s-s-skirt’s a tad s-s-short. Everyone’s gonna think I’m a s-s-s-s-s-slut!”

So, there you go. Check out Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves for a good laugh. Check back next week for another Funny Blog Friday!

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