Funniest Blogs on the Internet-This is Why You’re Fat

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funniest blogs on the internet

This week’s Funniest Blog on the Internet inductee is It kind of goes along with some of my New Year’s Goals. No, not to eat as much fattening stuff as I can find, in order to clog my every artery. I’ve got that goal totally covered. No, I’m trying to get healthy. I’ve spent lots of time researching this and it turns out, I need to MOVE MORE and EAT LESS. Huh, who knew?

This blog makes me feel pretty darn healthy. In the picture above, you see the aptly named Double Coronary Burger. As you read this description, you might feel your arteries harden. Don’t worry, that’s a normal reaction:

A burger topped with five slices of bacon, four slices of cheese, two fried eggs, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and onion between two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Here’s the weird part….all of that seems okay until I see it’s between two grilled cheese sandwiches. Seriously? Wow.

I have a sweet tooth. I don’t deny it. I love cake (this reminds me of a Friends episode, but that’s for another post). But this next item seems too much, even for me:

funniest blogs on the internet

Feast your eyes (pun intended!) on the French Toast Cupcake with Maple Frosting and Bacon.

That actually sounds pretty good. Hmmm, maybe This is Why I’m Fat!

funniest blogs on the internet

The picture is one thing, but check out this description of the Deviled Corndog:

Corndog hotdogs pureed with cheese, mayonnaise and tater tots, then re-baked inside a corndog shell.

Ug . The layout of this site is a picture of food and a breif description, but I’ll tell you, this stuff sticks with you. So, enjoy This Is Why You’re Fat!

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