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Just bake your bacon in the shape of a heart…

and share your love of bacon with those you love. Right?

Uh, WRONG! (I call this picture “bacon bits“)

Introducing Pinstrosity! This brand new website highlights some of the disastrous outcomes created from Pinterest ideas. (If you don’t know what Pinterest is, hold on for an upcoming review…let me just say it is addicting). Users submit photos of the original idea and their personal outcome. It’s hilarious!

I like that Pinstrosity is user generated, unlike the ever snarky Regretsy, which I adore.  I also like the part of each post explaining what didn’t work or how the poster would do it differently next time. That could actually help someone to eventually get it right.

Just in case you’re having trouble with this concept, here are a few more examples:

What an adorable owl cake! Are those pretzels? Just so precious.

Eeek! That is a foul owl…haha. I know, I’m so funny. Please feel free to write your congressman about this.

A crocheted dish scrubber. So cute and practical.

Dish scrubbers gone wild! maybe this is the industrial strength scrubber…or maybe it’s a platter scrubber. Either way, something didn’t go right.

This website is brand new and they would love your submission! Spread the word!


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