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So here’s a funny little factoid. Right this second, if you do a Google search for “funniest blog on the internet” MissMouthy is number 1. Wow! That’s the good news. The bad news is in that particular post, I’m writing about another blog I think is hilarious.

I’m making lemonade here by posting about funny blogs every Friday. I hope every one will make you smile, but I REALLY hope to make you throw your head back and  laugh, slap your knee when you laugh or nearly pee your pants. I don’t want any actual pee, because that’s no fun for anyone. Here are my general criteria:

1) It has to be funny. Not just a little grin here and there, but at least one literal LOL.

2) It has to be work appropriate. That can mean many things. For example, at most work places, you really shouldn’t be surfing the web at all. But, if you are caught on these recommended sites, you won’t get in trouble for inappropriate content. You might blush, but you won’t be fired.

3) Generally speaking, I don’t like watching videos online. I don’t have tons of time to read super long posts, so these sites will *hopefully* be a quick laugh.

What do you think? Will you check back every Friday? If you have a site you like, please email me the link at missmouthy at g mail dot com

Make 2010 the year you really LOL instead of just writing it!

funniest blog on the internet

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