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Custom Etsy Product


As I mentioned in my Etsy post, you can have items custom made. You can post them in the “Custom” section and have crafters bid on them. Or, break the rules like I did, and find a vendor with items you like and ask them to make a custom item for you.

I have a weird space in my kitchen. It’s above my junk collection area my desk and below a glass front cabinet. I’m hoping to organize that area, but I still need a place for some papers, invitations, and such. This space has outlets and switches, so the size is unique at only 10 inches wide. Everything I was able to find was 12 inches, so I was stuck.

I searched through tons of esty crafters then I found one I really liked. Adorable products! I asked if she would be able to make a bulletin board only 10 inches wide. No problem. I told her some colors I liked and that same day she sent me pictures of fabric choices. I made my choice, made my payment and received my beautiful, fabric covered bulletin board in no time.

I’m sorry to say my desk is still a tremendous junk collector, but instead of cringing each time I look at it, I smile at the beautiful custom product I now get to look at every day!

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