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Got Sugar? Book Review for First in the New PJ Sugar Book SeriesNothing But Trouble

I HATE one thing about this book…that it ended. Have you ever felt like that? When I finished Nothing But Trouble, I seriously looked behind the back cover to see if there was more.

Nothing But Trouble made me gasp out loud. My husband was downstairs and he came running up to see what was wrong. I said, “You won’t believe what happened with PJ.” Uh, he was unimpressed.
I love these characters. Seriously. PJ Sugar left town the night of her graduation and hasn’t looked back for 10 years. She needs to reconnect with her family and friends. Of course, there are some friends she doesn’t really want to reconnect with. The past looks different 10 years later. Maybe things weren’t quite the way the seemed. Boone. Oh, Boone. I’m sure Susan May Warren wrote spectacular, spot-on descriptions, but in my mind he is totally Matthew McConaughey. In high school, he was a dangerous bad boy. Now he’s a cop. Hmmm. Davy is a sweet 7 year old nephew who has “issues.” I can’t wait to see how Davy changes and evolves in the rest of the series. There are other characters, too.

I love the mystery of Nothing But Trouble. It’s not a raunchy, racy storyline. There is a murder, there are old teachers, and of course, there is PJ Sugar. Several plot twists and lots of suspects. There’s a sweet hint of romance, too.

I can totally relate to this book. I now live in the same town where I grew up. I now live about 2 miles away from my home, where my parents still live. I taught with my former teachers. I bump into old classmates all the time. A few months ago I went to a local restaurant with a friend. In walked the first boy I kissed in 7th grade and my kindergarten boyfriend. Uh, yeah. Small towns are like that. I do love this town, but it has some drawbacks!

As soon as Book 2 hits to pre-order list on Amazon, I’ll be there. Now I’m trying to think which of my friends deserve to read Northing But Trouble next. I DO take bribes, Ladies.

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  2. Oh, I SOOOOO need a great new read. This sounds like a good one. I’ll keep an eye out for PJ when I’m shopping these next weeks – thanks!

  3. Hey Mis Mouthy,

    That sounds like a really interesting book! I’ll keep an eye out for that one in the bookshops.

    BTW, I answered your question in my blog, but just in case you haven’t seen it, basically I don’t think a fabric decal would work in the bathroom. I did make vinyl decals (which would be better for the bathroom) in this post: perhaps you can consider something like that instead?

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