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Are you joining me in my search to Find My Fabulous?

Step One-Find a Great Lipstick

Do you have a signature color when it comes to lipstick? Or do you wear a color to match your outfit. Please tell me you aren’t wearing the same color from your Prom!

I have been wearing clear Blistex for the last few years.Sometimes I went wild and wore a slightly tinted Burt’s Bees lip balm. I know, I’m wild and crazy like that!

Before I purchased any lipstick, I checked around the blogs for some good colors. I really had no idea what colors would look good on me. After seeing some hot colors, I hoped in my minivan and headed to the closest Walgreens.

Guess what, Ladies? Drugstore lipstick is NOT cheap! I was looking at $8-12 just to find a decent shade. If I bought 3 to try out, I’m out about $30 and I might not even find something I like! Yeah, yeah. I know you can take back cosmetics, but honestly, I never do.

Then I found it. A fantastic, creamy lipstick in several lovely shades. For ONE DOLLAR. A dollar. Can you believe it?

Yep, it’s I’m not going to shut up about ELF, so get used to it.


So far, I’ve only used the Essential Lipstick and my favorite color is Posh. It’s a nice berry color without being too dark. I also have Seductive and Classy. They are both nice, but not much color. And if I’m going to the trouble of putting on lipstick, it better show!

My one complaint about ELF is the colors represented on the website just aren’t accurate. Just go to google and type in “elf essential lipstick swatches” and you’ll see all sorts of samples. Here’s one from, but I think the original source is I really want to give credit where credit is due, so if I have the wrong source, please let me know.

Look at all these wonderful, rich colors! I bet you can find your perfect Your Lips But Better shade right here!


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Product: ELF Essential Lipstick

Cost: $1

Verdict: LOVE it!

What do you think? Have you tried ELF Essential Lipstick? Do you have another lipstick you adore?

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