Entertainment Review: Guitar Hero ROCKS!

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My Father-in-Law, I’ll call him Grandpa Mouthy, brought us the world best housewarming gift: Guitar Hero! I’m pretty so-so when it comes to video games and music. I like to listen to music, but I sure can’t name who wrote what song when and in what year.

I gave it a try and now I’m addicted! Seriously. I threw my girls in bed early so I could rock for a while. I probably stink, but I think I’m awesome. Isn’t that all the counts?

Now, my problem?


My bottom lip is a little chapped from a serious case of “White Man Overbite.” First off, I’m white. Just Sayin’. But this is a face you will only see on white people when they are really rocking. This guy is perhaps rocking in his bathtub with all his clothes on? Hmmm.

guitaroverbiteIf I offend you, I’m sorry. Find another blog to read.

Here’s another weird thing about me, if you don’t think I’m weird enough. We just got our Guitar Hero 4 days ago. My sister and her family got Rock Band on Christmas. I’m an NOT telling my sister because my master plan is to get really good then very casually suggest we rock a little bit. Now, how does this thing work? What are these colors about? Heehee.  If you ARE my sister or KNOW my sister, quit reading before this paragraph.

I have already picked out my next instrument to master:


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