How to Get an Hour Back Every Day!

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How many websites to you tend to visit each day? Do you:

  • check the local news?
  • hit a couple (or a dozen) of your favorite blogs?
  • swing in to the online edition of your favorite magazine?

I spend an enormous amount of time surfing for a number of different reasons. It takes up lots of time, of course.  Since I found my new BF,  I’ve actually got time to…who knows? I’ve got time!!

When I first heard about Google Reader, about a month ago, I somehow decided it read webpages outload. Nice, but not for me. Recently I was introduced to the real Google Reader. Seriously Amazing!

When I check on my Google Reader, I see posts from every website I follow with an RSS feed. Every single one. I can do a quick click to read the first few sentences. If I’m still interested, I can go to the actual story or post.

You know I’m all about saving time, as seen in my shaving post. How does Google Reader save me time? Think about how long it takes for a website to open…then you scan through the information and decide what’s new since the last time you visited. Then, by reading the title, you decide if you should click it. If you click it…you need to wait for it to open. What happens if you don’t care for the story? You’ve just burned some time. It really adds up if you check many websites.

Wanna give it a try? First, go to Google Reader. You need to have a google account. If you don’t already have one, sign up for one. Now, go to your “daily dozen” websites. Almost every website has an RSS feed with a symbol like this:


Click on that symbol and when give reader options, choose Google Reader. It will take you directly to your reader screen. Here are a couple of tips to really save you time:

  • Make sure you read it will “all items” clicked. If you only have one feed, it won’t be a problem.
  • On “show” on the right hand side, click “list.”
  • If you see a headline you like, click it to see the first few sentences. If you really like it, go ahead and click on the title again. The article or post will open in a new window. There you go!
  • After you’ve checked out all the feeds you are interested in, click “mark all as read.” Then, next time you head over to Google Reader, your new feeds will be in bold.

I want you to comment on this post.  Do you like Google Reader? Was it easy to set up? Is it saving you an hour a day? I wanna know, people!

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