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I am totally into Subscription Boxes right now. Pay a little bit, get some surprises worth more than you pay. Fantastic!

ModCloth is offering something similar, but it’s one time only and it’s right now!!! I hear they sell out quickly.

Direct from ModCloth:

My, what a Stylish Surprise! For just $15, you might get anything from a terrific top or sassy skirt, to a dazzling dress or cute coat. There’s a beautiful bevy of mystery items with retail values from $29.99 to $299.99! Ready for some fashion fun? Simply select your size, then add a chic secret to your shopping bag. Hurry – supplies are limited, so snag a Stylish Surprise while you still can!

ModCloth’s Famous Stylish Surprise 
And don’t forget ModCloth always has FREE US shipping on orders $50+.

I just bought one, so I’ll let you know what I get. I should have ordered several to get free shipping, but for $4, I’ll take my chances!

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