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Are you one of the lucky ladies who’s on the other side of acne, but not quite to the wrinkle stage? Or, perhaps you are like me, dealing with both. Arg! I have tried using a huge name-brand skin care line that Jessica Simpson uses. (Notice how I didn’t name names? Well, if Proactiv is reading my website, life is good! Whoops! I named names.) It feels like everything for acne is for teens and very drying. All of the other products are anti-aging, heavy and thick, often causing more zits. What’s a girl to do?

Well, do you remember the Bioré skin strips? The ones with the commercials where people looked at the results and said, “It looks like trees!” I remember my husband and I comparing nose strips. Yeah, we’re weird like that.


Bioré just launched a new product for The Inbetween Nation. It’s called Bioré Skin Preservation. Basically, at this point your skin is in the best shape it will ever be in. Let’s preserve it! We are no longer dealing with acne (hopefully!) and we’re not quite yet to the anti-aging, anti-wrinkle status.

Bioré is known for its sassiness. Don’t forget those skin strips! They have continued that tradition with fun names like:

  • Clean Things Up
  • Hard Day’s Night
  • See the Future
  • Even Smoother and
  • Dual Fusion.

As a mom, I also like that is clearly says WASH on the bottle you use to wash, PM on what you use at night. A little less confusion is always helpful.

One question I had was will this really work with “blemished” skin?

**Side note: My two year old recently saw some breakouts on my chin. They were so huge she said, “Mommy, you need to go to the hostipal.” Nice. End of side note.**

The answer is YES! Sometimes, using harsh skincare products can actually strip your face of its natural oils, thus producing blemishes. The Bioré Skin Preservation line is gentle on your skin, not too harsh, yet it cleans thoroughly without being oily. The cleanser even removes eye makeup!


The eyes. Isn’t that the first place you always look on other people? Do you think that’s where others look, too? It’s also the first place that shows signs of aging. The Fortifying Eye Cream is proven to de-puff, hydrate and brighten the eye area. It even has a cool applicator similar to a felt tip pen. Cool!


The moisturizer, Dual Fusion, has one part that hydrates your skin and another with 30 spf moisturizer. After just one use, 91% of women felt their skin was fresh and hydrated. Yep, this information is real. It’s from the Bioré website. Just sayin’.

Seriously, how much is this going to cost me? Money’s tight all around, right? My “previous” brand, rhymes with So Active, is over $100 per month once the introductory price is over. Bioré? The cleanser is $6.99 and the other pieces are $13.99 each. Not bad at all!

91% of women felt their skin was fresh & hydrated after just one use

How about you? Are you one of the 21 million women of the Inbetween Nation? Care to join me on this journey? I’ll be taking “before” pictures and sharing my experiences. Subscribe to my feed to get updates. Lots and lots of updates.

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  1. Ugh, I’m so there. I can’t wait to see the outcome and results you get! Seriously, I had GREAT skin in my teens and then when I had kids, it’s like my skin decided to finally hit puberty. And I totally hear you on comments from the kids…like I really needed it pointed out.

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