Around-the-House Product Review: Joey Totes Review and Giveaway

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Joey Totes

I’m not a super green person. I try to make eco-friendly choices, but mostly when it’s convenient and inexpensive. Sometimes I even feel offended if I feel pressured to be green. For example, I drive an SUV because we tow a camping trailer in the summer. I don’t drive very much, so I really don’t worry too much. Some people give me dirty looks for driving an SUV. WTHeck?

Anyhow, I bought some canvas bags to use for grocery shopping. Not too expensive, not too much trouble. However, I forget the bags nearly every time. I often forget them in my house. Why? I have no idea. There are huge, so that’s not it. Basically, this has been a foray into the eco-scene that hasn’t been successful. Sorry, I tried.

Then, along came Joey Totes. Can I say I love these? ‘Cause I do. Each of the totes has a little pocket on the inside seam. Basically, I just stuff it in the pocket. I don’t have to know a complex origami pattern to get these to fit. As a matter of fact, I can get all three from my set right into one little bag. The entire kit n caboodle fits inside my purse, and I don’t carry one of those huge hobo bags.

Joey Totes

Joey Totes are machine washable and need to be hung to dry. I will probably only wash them if something spills. I have enough laundry to do!

Can they hold much? Oh, yeah! I don’t like to grocery shop. It’s kind of an ordeal with my two darling angels. So when I do go shopping, baby I shop. I try to get enough groceries so I never have to come back again. It hasn’t worked so far, but maybe some day!

Would you like to WIN a set of Joey Totes? Yes, that’s FREE!! It’s another GIVEAWAY!! To enter, swing by Joey Totes and check it out. Then come back here and tell me your favorite feature!

This rule MUST bed followed to enter the contest. You can earn extra entries, too!

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Contest closes on Wednesday, May 13 at 8 PM.

What if you don’t win? Or you don’t like to go through the trouble of entering? Through May 31, Joeytotes is offering a 10% off coupon code to Miss Mouthy readers. Just enter MISSMOUTHY in the coupon area and you’ll be set! Happy Shopping!!

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  1. I see that this has ended, but I’m commenting anyway. lol Love the Joey Totes! Boy would they come in handy. I like the durability, versatility and fact that they can be machine or hand washed. Thanks for the review and introduction to the Totes. Sorry I missed your giveaway.

    lebizyb AT q DOT com

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