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When I was nursing my sweet little ones, I felt somewhat self-conscience with my “new belly.” You know, stretch marks, saggy let-all-the-air out balloon-type look. **If you are a first time mom, don’t worry. I’m sure your stomach will spring right back to normal in no time.**

My favorite find was the GlamourMom nursing bra. It’s a tank top with with full coverage of the belly area. You can wear it alone or layered under clothes. When you lift your shirt up, you are showing a lovely top.The bra-style has elastic straps and one hand closures. The tank style has cloth-type bands.

I preferred the bra style, mostly for the closures. I also really liked the straps, especially since they were adjustable.

I haven’t been nursing for a while. Glamour Mom has changed during that time, for the better! They have tons of color choices, shorter and longer lengths, lace trim and more. They are pricey, but keep in mind, you will be wearing this bra for up to a year, every day and perhaps every night. It’s worth it to spend a little extra on something fantastic!

Any special finds for nursing moms?

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