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Do you work at home? I know, as moms we all work at home. I guess what I’m asking is do you get paid for the work you do at home?

Here’s my story-after 4 years as a stay-at-home mom, my dream job opened up and surprise of surprises, I actually got it! (See this post for the “rest of the story.”) I teach part-time for an online high school so I go into my office one day a week then I fit in 12 additional hours during the rest of the week. It has been a difficult balance, to say the least. I feel like I’m always behind at work AND I feel like I’m always behind at home. Oh, and I never actually play with my kids. As I’m in this “nothing fits” situation, I had a little ray of sunshine in my mailbox.

Making Work at Home Work by Mary M. Byers is a fantastic resource for anyone working parent. It has practical “do it today” advice and longer term advice. It speaks to the guilt many moms (and dads) feel. There are times you simply need to get your kids occupied in a matter of 30 seconds and in my house, the TV is the answer. Oh, boy, HEAPS of guilt. Do you have any idea what TV can do to a kid?

Okay, this isn’t an earth-shattering concept, but it’s okay to get childcare. There, I’ve said it. I’m a stay-at-home mom so I can spend time with my kids, nurture them and shape them into responsible citizens, right? Am I a failure if I have a neighbor hood teen watch them for a few hours every other day? NO! This strategy can save your sanity and help your business, whatever it may be. So, this is one of the easy, implement-today ideas.

A longer-term strategy is to determine exactly why you are working. Do you need the money? Do you like a little break from your kids? There are lots of reasons to work, but knowing your motivation can help shape your day. Perhaps you work to earn a little latte money. Then, it’s probably reasonable to work a little after the kids go to bed and during naps. However, if you are working to cover the mortgage bill, you more likely need to set some office hours and regular childcare. You also might need a childcare back up plan.

Mary offers quick ideas for other work-at-home parents about occupying your kids and other strategies to maintain your sanity. The hours between 4 and 6 are called the “witching hours” at my house. It has nothing to do with some fairy tale land, though that’s what always comes to mind. It means that Mommy is kind of witchy so stay outta my way! Mary offers many idea for getting dinner on the table, which eases household stress in any situation, but particularly in this one.

Retirement, taxes and equipment are also covered. This really is a full-service book. I highly recommend it. If you have the whole situation under control, you’ll still pick up helpful tips. If you are more like me, still trying to get a handle on it, this book will be a dog eared resource you’ll turn to often.

Would you like to win a copy of “Making Work at Home Work?” You have 2 chances to win. One here at Miss Mouthy and one at Mary’s website.

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Mary is also giving away a copy at her website and it includes an Amazon gift card as well. Check out the information below.

About the book:

Making Work at Home Work shows moms how to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set without sacrificing their families. It covers important topics such as developing a successful business philosophy, balancing time between work and family, setting realistic goals, and handling the challenges of being both “Mommy” and “CEO” while running a profitable home-based business.

In addition to including her own experiences, author Mary Byers profiles real moms with home-based businesses who offer their hard-won advice.

About Mary:

Mary M. Byers successfully juggles both a freelance corporate writing and speaking business and her responsibilities as a wife and mother of two school-aged children. She is the author of The Mother Load: How to Meet Your Own Needs While Caring for Your Family and How to Say No . . . And Live to Tell about It. Visit her website to learn more: or her blog


Contest! Win a copy of Making Work at Home Work (or another one of Mary’s books–your choice) AND a $25 Amazon gift certificate (for some WAHM essentials – Day Planner, bubble bath, funky file-folders, toddler DVDs)!

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13 thoughts on “Book Review: Making Work at Home Work-2 Giveaways!!

  1. Sounds like a very useful book. My biggest struggle working from home is just leaving it alone. I find it so hard to walk away because it’s right there all the time. So hard!

  2. I am leaving a comment because I read your fabulous blog AND I want to win something!!! Thanks for your pointers, Miss Mouthy!

  3. oh wait I forgot to put my struggle…my biggest struggle is that I usually enjoy work more than housework. So I can spend hours on my computer, but the dirty dish stack is a mile high and so are the piles of dirty laundry.

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  5. The greatest struggle for me is time management and balancing work life with family life. This book would be such a tremendous help to me with all of the information it can provide. Tanks for this chance to win a copy.

    lebizyb AT q DOT com

  6. No, I’m serious. I loved this book and thought it offered really helpful advice.

    Anything more specific I can help you with?

  7. No Fee, I would love to know which parts you find skeptical, so I can give you examples from Mary’s book. It really is quite a useful resource.

  8. it is good to know that there are lots of “Work At Home” opportunities that are available on the internet. I mainly use Adsense and Clickbank to earn money online. and work at home because they are reliable and pays consistently.

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