Modern Family Event at Joss and Main

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Modern Family Event at Joss and Main

Joss and Main is one of my favorite shopping sites and they have just launched a Modern Family Event. Each family has their own collection!



Look at this gorgeous Fairington Indoor/Outdoor pillow! The colors are amazing and it comes in a set of 2 for $39.95.

Cybil Table Lamp


The blue of this Calera Lamp is called Marine Blue. It seems like a perfect deep blue/green color. It also comes in a set of two for $153.95.



What DON’T I love about this Courtyard Accent chair? The patters, the rolled back, the stunning legs…there are even casters on the front! So beautiful! The price was originally $766.80 and it is now selling for $280.95. To be honest, I don’t know where the original price comes from, but that is a great price for this accent chair!


Puebla+Convertible+SofaThe Puebla Convertible Sofa says it “seats, reclines, or sleeps 2 comfortably.” I’m not totally sure what that means and the website doesn’t have any converting photos. Even without pics, I LOVE the color (could it be an exact match for the lamps above?) and the modern lines are lovely. It looks compact, but it’s actually 87.5 inches long. Perhaps due to it’s lower back it , takes up less visual space? Did I mention the price? It’s only $415.95. WHAT? That is a phenomenal price for a sofa, but for a sleeper sofa? Amaze-balls!


This Brazza Vase is adorable and from the set of Modern Family! It’s hand painted and 10 inches tall. I think it would be lovely next to the sofa above! It’s $93.95, which seems a little pricey to me, especially for a vase that can’t even hold flowers. However, I think it would make a wonderful gift! **Hint Hint Hubby**


The beauty of this collection really is in it’s mix rather than in the individual pieces. Check out these combinations:



This Leather Tufted Sofa could not be any more classic and traditional, right? Some might even say boring. But when you pair it with this swoon-worthy piece?





Wow. Just wow. Now that is a sense of style…unique, gorgeous, and blending two totally different sensibilities. This is the Cosmopolitan Accent Chest, made with wood, mirrored glass and cut crystal hardware. At $481.95, this just might be the statement piece you’ve been looking for!

This Modern Family event only lasts 12 more days and one thing to be aware of with Joss & Main is that things do sell out, especially the popular items. Check it out now!


What do you think? What’s your favorite piece? Do you think the collection represents the individual families on Modern Family?


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