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Have I been living under a rock? I have never heard of subscription boxes and now I am a stalker and an addict. Have you been under a rock and you don’t know that which I speak of?

Monthly Subscription Boxes are a subscription, must like a magazine. But instead of getting a bunch of pages of advertising, you get little treats delivered to your mailbox! There are dozens of Monthly Subscription boxes, including high end makeup brands, drugstore and indie makeup, hair products, complete outfits, craft boxes for kids, boxes for your pets, meals in a box and even fun boxes for adult adventures.

As far as I can tell, it started with This company sends out a variety of high end cosmetics, skin care, and lifestyle products. In one month, you might get a foil packet of a new moisturizer, a great pair of socks, a fully size dry shampoo and a little notebook. It’s an interesting mix of products and for only $10 per month, what have you got to loose?

The first box I’ve subscribed to is Ipsy. Ipsy is also only $10 per month and it will introduce you to all sorts of new makeup products. Nearly everything they send is make-up related, often with full-sized products. Some brands you’ve probably heard of, others you haven’t

I’ll be reviewing my Ipsy bag soon, but here’s what I got:

Ipsy Bag

A very colorful lip balm, fantastic mascara, a purple eye shadow, a kohl eye liner and a nude lipstick. It’s a whole look in a single bag! If you want to sign up, please use my link.

The other Monthly Subscription Box I’ve signed up for, but haven’t yet received, is the PopSugar Must Have Box. It’s a bit more expensive, at $35 per month, but it has “lifestyle” items. You might find a scarf, jewelry, specialty foods, teas, a cute notebook, sunscreen or a cute toucan shaped bottle opener.  If you use this code REFER5 you’ll get $5 off your first order. As soon as I get this box, I’ll review it and let you know all about it and here’s the September box to get you drooling:


There are tons of other monthly beauty boxes. As I review them, I’ll let you know all about it!

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