My AMAZING Personal Shopper Experience at Nordstrom

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3 Things You Should Know About Me:

1) I HATE to shop. Yeah, you heard me.

2) I often buy clothing items because they are on sale or just cheap, without even trying them on. I hardly ever return things. Even if they don’t quite fit right or the color isn’t flattering or the item doesn’t go with anything I already own.

3) Add this up and you see I have a mish-mash closet where nothing really goes together.

Today I had the most amazing experience of working with Gwen, a Personal Stylist at Nordstrom. It was Amazing. Oh, I’ve said that already? Well, it was.

Last week I filled out the Nordstrom form to have a personal shopper call me within the next 24 hours. The next day I got a phone call and an email from Gwen, my new BFF (I know, “bestie” is the new terminology, but it always looks like “beasty” at first glance. Let’s not go there, m’kay?).

In an email, Gwen asked me about my lifestyle-career, weekend, travel, my hair and eye color, my height and size, and anything else. I sent her an email as long as a novel…My weight, my age, my desperate need for a smart business casual wardrobe, the name of my first boyfriend…you know, the regular shopping stuff.

When we met this morning, Gwen had a few outfits picked out for me. The first had a pumpkin cardigan and a scarf. I think I may have actually wrinkled up my nose because, you know, eww, that is so NOT my color. Well, guess what? It is among my favorite items of the day! And the scarf? It took us on a color adventure!

As I gave things a yea or nay, Gwen brought in more items. I tried on tons of pants, skirts, trousers, denims, blouses, camis, t-shirts, tie-neck, drape front…you name it, I tried it. After Gwen showed me how to put a couple things together, I actually starting trying out some combinations that I love!

If something was in the wrong size, Gwen quickly grabbed me another. If the color wasn’t right, she brought a different hue. She even brought me shapewear and shoes! This lady knew the merchandise from the entire place, and she wasn’t afraid to use it!

I was really nervous before we met. Gwen put my mind at ease in no time. What was I afraid of? I’m not totally sure…what if she told me I need to lose a few pounds or I wouldn’t look good in anything? What if she scoffed at my budget? What if she tried to get my to buy a $380 jacket I would never wear? What if she went all, “What Not to Wear” on me and had me wear pointy toe high heals to get the mail each day? NONE of these things happened. Not one.

Gwen showed me different ways to wear items to downplay my *ahem* trouble spots. Every article of clothing was $60 or less…if you shop at Nordstrom, you KNOW this is hard to do. The Anniversary Sale helped, but still, I was so glad she was respectful of my price points and never pushed me to go higher or talked me into “investment” pieces. She also took into account my lifestyle…I don’t do dry cleaning or hand washing or ironing. She brought a few pieces that were dry clean only, but she told me how to wash them at home. She never pressured me into anything…when I told her slim leg jeans took me back to the 80s, but happily brought me some boot cuts I loved.

I’m having trouble posting pictures here from the Nordstrom website, but here is a Pinterest board I created with most of my purchases:

The entire experience took less than 3 hours, including a lengthy check out session, since I applied for a Nordstrom card. 3 hours for a new wardrobe!

My one (and only one) concern was that I ended up spending more than I had planned. Don’t get me wrong, the purchases were definitely in my control, and the prices were what I wanted to spend. However, Gwen just found SO MANY pieces that I loved and that all went together, I went a little hog-wild! Fortunately, I can now sell every other item of clothing I own to make up the difference. Just kidding…sort of. I seriously think I could go every single day of school without ever exactly repeating an outfit. (Nerd alert-I made a spreadsheet and I have at least 75 different outfit combinations. I guess I’ll have to wear each outfit twice to  make it through the year.)

Take Away Lessons:

1) When you work with a personal shopper, be willing and open to new things. At least half of the items I purchased are things I never would have even looked at on the rack.

2) Be up front and honest with your personal shopper. If you have a budget, share it. If you hate dry cleaners, let her know. If skinny leg pants take you back to your high school days, wave that flag, Girlfriend! Oh, and get some counseling.

3) Inventory what you already have in your closet. I knew I had several pairs of black pumps at home, so I didn’t need shoes.

4) Dress to undress…seriously, a top and a bottom, nothing complicated. You’ll spend most of the day in and out of clothes. Don’t spend a lot of time on your hair, either. It will be a mess by the time you are finished!

5) Wear shoes that are your typical heel height. does free alterations and you’ll want your news duds to fit like a glove. Part of that is the correct hem length.

 All in all, I could not have asked for a better experience. Will I do it again? You bet! I highly recommend Gwen at the South Center Nordstrom. She is excellent! Give her a call at 206-890-9162 or email her at Be sure to tell her Miss Mouthy sent you!


Full disclosure: I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this review. All opinions are my own. I would love to say Nordstrom gave me a huge shopping spree to try out this service, but, alas, I paid my own bill…well, I used a little birthday money. BTW-Nordstrom? I would be happy to shop on your dime, just so you know.

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4 thoughts on “My AMAZING Personal Shopper Experience at Nordstrom

  1. I usually shop at…Walmart. 🙁 If I’m feeling extravagant I might go to Ross, but I recently shopped at Eddie Bauer. Holy moly what a difference. The service and attention made it so much easier. I didn’t have an official personal shopper, but since it was slow the gal gave me as much attention as I wanted. Totally worth the little extra money. Thanks for the great post. I might have to try it. Did you pay extra for the personal shopper?

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