My Word for 2009-THRIVE

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Over at Tip Junkie, Laurie is hosting a contest that really intrigued me.

So for today’s Talk To Me Tuesday I’d like to challenge you to pick a word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2009?

I had been sort of processing it in the back of my mind for the last few days. I came up with “consistency,” which seems to be the root of all my problems…acne=inconsistent face washing, sometimes naughty kids=inconsistent rule enforcement, messy house=inconsistent tidiness. However, “consistency” just seemed too…clinical? I don’t know. It just didn’t fit.

Then last night, right before I fell asleep, the perfect word just came to me. I love when things come to me in that mental state because they’re usually pretty good.


What does it mean to you? I’m going to go a little deep today, which isn’t really my style, but indulge me. When BigMac and I felt ready to start our family, we had a rough go of it. We had 4 miscarriages, between 5-10 weeks along. We also had infertility issues. Then we were blessed with our two girls, 20 months apart. At some point here I discovered I suffer from depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Medication has helped to balance this out, but I have often felt that I am merely surviving, just barely hanging on.

My girls are a little older,  I started a new part-time job I love, and in general I feel like I’m doing better all around. So, in 2009 I want to do more than survive, I want to THRIVE!

I want to be more productive. I want to be more consistent. I want to enjoy life, enjoy my family and really dive into life without reservations. I want to THRIVE!

So, how about you? What do you want for yourself in 2009, in a single word? Feel free to join in the conversation over at Tip Junkie or just post in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “My Word for 2009-THRIVE

  1. I hope you thrive! I hope you shine!
    I ha a tough time in 2007 tons of stress. My mother passed from a long battle with cancer just as I got married and moved my 2 sons to live with my husband with 2 daughters, plus started a new job, etc. It took me a while to realize I was depressed and see my doctor. But now it’s so much better!

    My word for 2009 is smile. I need to remember to smile more. It brightens my mood and those of everyone around me.

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