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To Nerium or Not to NeriumI do not sell Nerium. I have purchased several bottles at full price and I received one at no charge in the 3 UR Free program. There are no affiliate links in this review. It is my honest opinion after using Nerium for several months.

Nerium is a facial moisturizer distributed in a direct sales format, similar to Mary Kay.

I’ve never tried anything like Nerium. At night, after you wash your face, you apply 4 to 5 pumps of Nerium to damp skin. In the morning you splash it off and continue with your typical AM routine.That’s it! The simplicity of this product is very appealing to me!

PS-Nerium recently introduced an additional morning step.I have not tried it and I don’t know a thing about it!

When I was using the product, I never knew if I was using too much water or not enough. Too much and it’s super runny and way too much. I end up rubbing into my belly…stretch marks are like wrinkles, right? Not enough water and it’s like spreading glue.

The product itself is the color of putty. The smell is…unique. It’s not lovely, but not awful. Some people say it’s stinky.My husband says it smells exotic. I would prefer an unscented version. Either way, the scent fades pretty quickly.

My skin feels pretty tacky for several hours after I put it on. Not my-pillow-is-stuck-to-my-face tacky, but when I touch my skin it feels sticky.

So the real question: does Nerium work?

I think so. The person I bought it from took pictures before I tried it then again after 10 days of consistent use. I don’t think I have many wrinkles, but I did notice the parenthesis from my nose to my mouth seemed softened. The frown lines between my eyes seem a little less, but only in the morning, right when I take off the Nerium. By evening, they are back, probably because I’ve been frowning all day. And I never really knew how close to my eyes I could put it.

Overall the difference wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t anything others have commented on. I think it did help, but not enough to justify the price.

The price. That’s my biggest sticking point. The bottle of Nerium is about $80 plus shipping, which is a total of nearly $100 per month. When they say it lasts 5 weeks, that is pretty spot on. To me, $100 per month is pretty pricey for minor results. They do have a 3 UR Free program which means if you can get 3 people to “sign up” under you, then your bottle will be free.

Did I mention when you purchase Nerium it is a monthly subscription service? It is automatically delivered each month.

I will say, canceling was easy.

With the 3 UR Free program, they tell you right away that you qualify for a free bottle of Nerium, but there is not a whisper when one of those people cancel.

PRO: I think it really does work.
3 UR Free program

Automatic delivery
No notification when you are off the 3 UR free program

Final Verdict: Don’t buy it. If you can get 3 people to sign up under you, then maybe go for it. But keep a close eye on your account.

If you would like to give Nerium a try, just make a Facebook post that says, “Anyone sell Nerium? I want to buy some.” You’ll get a quick response, I’m sure.

Sorry for this sad sack review, but if you want honesty, this is it, Ladies!

Have you tried Nerium? What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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