New Year’s Resolution #1-Drink More Water

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New Year's Resolutions-Drink More Water

In my recent post about New Year’s Resolutions, I said I was planning on selection just 2 or 3 goals for each month instead of dozens of goals for the entire year.

To start with, I’ll be drinking more water each day. I drink ZERO water, not even a drop when I brush my teeth. I’ve read zillions of reasons why I need to drink water but that hasn’t been enough to motivate me yet.

This is something I just need to do, like it or not. I’m not positive if I’ll aim for the 8 glasses a day or not, but even 2 glasses would be better than nothing!

A few weeks ago I got a a great bracelet kit from Habitwise. **full disclosure-I got free set to review. Just so you know…*** I am so excited to use these. They are lovely stretchy beaded bracelets in lots of different colors. I have the get Loss set, which is  meant to help you  track your food choices to lose weight. Right now, I’m only using the blue bracelets to track water intake. At the beginning of each day, I am putting 6 bracelets on my left wrist. With each glass of water I drink, I move one bracelet to my right wrist. It’s an awesome visual reminder to drink water and a super easy way to track how much I’ve actually had to drink. I’m excited to track the rest of my food intake later on.

So, what are you working on for the dawn of 2010?

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