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Operation Christmas Child

As parents, we all want our children to have less of a case of the “gimmies” and more a case of the “givvvies.” During the Christmas season, this is especially true. My girls are young…3 and 4. Lots of helping ideas just aren’t appropriate. Serving in a soup kitchen? Not such a goodd idea. Giving money to the Union Gospel Mission? No meaning for this age.
A perfect match is Operation Christmas Child. I first learned about this awesome project through my MOPS group. It’s pretty easy and I think my kids really “get it.”
Here’s how it works:
Find a shoebox or a plastic tub that’s shoebox size. Fill it up with things for a spacific gender and age range. These items can be related to hygene (toothpaste, soap, comb), school (pencils with sharpeners, coloring pages, erasers) or just fun. Operation Christmas Child has lots of suggestions. Search the website to find a local drop-off location near you.
My kids are young, so children in far off places is kind of a difficult concept for them to understand. However, when I share a picture of a child about their age and explain that they don’t have any toys or things to play with, this seems to help them understand. When we shop for items, they often want things. On this particular trip, I make sure we only shop for our Christmas Child.
My MOPS group has been doing this for years. It has been amazing! One year, we had a family that matched each box we turned in. Last year, my church joined in. We were hoping for 100 boxes and we met that goal. Imagine, 100 children opening gifts prepared just for them!

A cool new feature that launched last year is the EZ Give. With this option, you donate online, then you can see where your box is delivered!What a cool feature.

If you want more information on this Bloggers Care Carnival head over to Real Life for more information.

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2 thoughts on “Bloggers Care: Operation Christmas Child

  1. Hey Danielle! Nice to “meet” you! It’s so true that kids don’t “get” giving money, because they didn’t really earn it. But if they pack up things they themselves would want, it help them understand the giving mentality. I love that OCC is so personal and we can choose the individual items. Thanks for linking up to the carnival!

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