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Do you ever have one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments? You see a great idea and it’s not some out-of-this-world thing, it’s a strong, basic concept that will be useful long-term and to a wide audience.


That’s what I found in the PackIt. It’s a freezable lunch bag! So simple, yet so useful! My husband packed his lunch in it last week. He was able to keep his lunch on his desk and by the time he ate it, about 6 hours later, it was still well chilled! That never happens!


Its interior can be wiped clean with a wash cloth. It freezes when it’s folded, so it doesn’t take up much room in the freezer, plus it’s one less item of clutter in the freezer. It has a roomy interior so it can hold a full lunch, yet it’s not so large as to be unwieldy for kids. You can also put in room-temperature foods and the PackIt will chill it. Wowza!


NEWSFLASH-I just found out the PackIt is TSA approved!! I’m leaving on a trip in a couple of weeks and while I’ll be traveling all day, my flights are short and no food is available. Packing a lunch or buying something at the airport are the only options. The PackIt will be a life saver on this journey!

I love the PackIt so much I really want to write a raving, glamorous review. But it isn’t “that kind” of product. It’s in ingenious workhorse that should be in every household…really one per person! I can’t fathom why you’d buy any other kind of lunchbox…unless it is a Wonder Woman aluminum number, but that’s just more for looks.

Grab a PackIt or two…or one in every color!

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4 thoughts on “Product Review-PackIt

  1. Bought two of these over the phone and they sent me four and charged me for four, so beware. Also the 10 hours of refrigerator cold is highly exaggerated. At best it’s four hours.

  2. That’s too bad. Was the food warm when you put it in? When I used it, I had the bag in my office, so it was temperature controlled, and it was at least 6 hours of cold.

  3. I’m considering buying these for my daughters to take to camp. They will be outside (80-95 degree weather) from 9a-3p. Do you think it would keep their food cold unil atleast noon??

    • Absolutely! If you chill the bag overnight, it will be cold. If you are worried about it, you could always freeze a water bottle to drop in the bag, but I think that’s unnecessary with this. You and your daughters will love it!

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