Product Review-Wendy’s Awesome New Berry Almond Chicken Salad and GIVEAWAY

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I’m a carnivore. I like me some meat. I think the only time I ordered a salad over a burger was on a first date in high school. But I’m thrilled to announce I’ve finally met the salad of my dreams! Please allow me to introduce the new Berry Almond Chicken Salad from Wendy’s. It rocks! (or rawks, as my students say).

Berry Almond Chicken Salad

The first thing I noticed were huge chunks of chicken…I actually had to cut it up! The greens were lovely…11 different types. And no, I did not count them, I got that from the Wendy’s website. But it would be totally like me to do that!

The “berry” part of the salad comes in the form of huge, plump blueberries, quartered strawberries and a zippy raspberry vinaigrette. This is all topped off with roasted sliced almonds and shaved Asiago cheese.


Miss Mouthy and the Berry Almond Chicken Salad

This salad was super tasty and really filling! Just so you know, because I’m a full-disclosure kind of gal, I did order some of the fries with sea-salt. Delish, but I was just too full to eat them. To earn an extra entry, simply write the flavor of your favorite Frosty. It’ll be proof you actually read my post!


Part of the taste-factor may have been due to the setting. My family and I were picnicking in lovely Wapato Park in Tacoma with some of my new bloggy friends!


So, wanna win a $25 Wendy’s gift card? For your first entry, just write a comment about anything…your favorite local park, best menu item at Wendy’s, or even ridiculous things you did in high school to impress a date (okay, this is the comment I most want to read).

You can earn extra entries by tweeting about this post or writing about it on Facebook. Just write “head over to to win a $25 Wendy’s gift card!”

One lucky Miss Mouthy reader will be selected. Enter quick because this contest closes June 7th!

*I have been compensated for my time by Wendy’s and TheMotherhood, but all of the opinions are my own.*


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47 thoughts on “Product Review-Wendy’s Awesome New Berry Almond Chicken Salad and GIVEAWAY

  1. I take it that you were in the Monday group for the Wendy’s review, I was on Sunday’s. I totally agree that this salad rocked! As a vegetarian, I love that I can order it without chicken too and it tastes just as good!

    Best Wishes,

  2. I think my favorite high school memory was “And the Student of the Year is….” and there appears my head projected on the wall, bigger than i could have imagined.

  3. OK, I totally did not recognize Little Mouthy #1 (is that what you call her? lol) in the first pic until I scrolled down to the next pic of her at the bottom. Would you please tell her to stop growing up!!! 😉

    Chocolate Frosty

    I totally want to try this salad. The chicken looks like real white breast meat! YUM!

    Posting on Facebook too. I <3 Miss Mouthy! 🙂

  4. Oh and I forgot…I don’t remember doing anything embarrassing to impress a date, but I did bring a boy home once and my dad met him in the driveway with his skill saw to try to scare him. I was mortified. But it’s a hilarious story now and I think I’ll invite him to do it again when Emmi starts bringing boys home. 😉

  5. A mixed frosty. Some people will do it, others won’t….but it really is the best!

    I also posted on facebook! 🙂

  6. can i be honest? i didn’t even know there were different flavors of frosty (or is that a trick question?!). I like chocolate, which i assumed was the only flavor because i very rarely go to wendy’s. but that salad looks delicious.

  7. I didn’t do anything to impress a guy in high school. I was too nerdy because I liked school. But my best friend and I “joined” the frosh-soph football team to carry their water and oranges at practice and games, so I could swoon over one of the players. Silly me. My friend ended up marrying the team manager! A decade later, I snagged a prize Canadian man who has turned out to be a gem. I’m thankful the football jock never noticed me!

  8. And my favorite frosty is vanilla, which when mixed with Wendy’s root beer makes a super heat-beating float.

  9. As for trying to impress dates in high school, I once wore some very cute high heeled boots out in the snow. which isn’t all that crazy, but i stepped in a patch of ice, did several flips down a whopping 3 steps, and rolled across the very wide city sidewalk into a parked bus. in front of a crowd. and twisted my ankle so badly I was bruised from my toes halfway up to my knee. If it wasn’t so funny, I would have been mortified. As it was, I don’t think I ever talked to that guy again.

  10. Really, I thought all Frostys were Chocolate, no matter, choc would still be my fav, unless…. there was a mocha flavor;)

  11. How about an embarrassing high school moment? I was talking with my girlfriends about “how cute Don is! he’s so awesome…” blah blah blah … my friends just stared blankly. Yep – I turn around to find Don standing a few inches behind me. 😛

  12. I haven’t had it in a REALLY long time, but my favorite thing at Wendy’s always used to be the Broccoli & Cheese Potato.

  13. So, I like the wild berry frosty shake myself. I am the General Manager of the Wendy’s near the Tacoma Mall. To Angela, we have a Frosty Chino shake which is really good, but if you don’t hurry you will miss it. Its been around for years and was just retired. If you came in and ordered a vanilla frosty, we’d be happy to put some of the ‘chino’ syrup on for you, or make you a shake.

    We have new frosties starting this upcoming week. Wild Berry shake, Caramel shake, and three new frosty parfaits (Wild berry w/blueberry and strawberries, Caramel Apple w/granola and apple chunks, and Oreo with chocolate sauce and Oreo crumbles) They are good!

    Thanks to all the moms who came in and tried our new Berry Almond Salad. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we enjoy making them.


  14. Oh, I’d love to win the $25 to Wendys! It’s been YEARS since I’ve treated myself there. The salad looks scrumptious.

  15. I really like the double classic burger. It has everything I like and it’s a meal in itself.
    1prizewinner at gmail dot com

  16. Wendy’s chocolate frosty is my fave treat. Meanwhile the Wendy salads are a fantastic healthy lunch in the world of fast food.

  17. I agree about Mouthy #1. Growing up too fast!!!

    I heart Wendy’s for their variety of salads and for their baked potatoes. 🙂

    High school story? I haven’t done anything to “impress” a date in high school, but I was a winner in the shopping cart race on Senior Day. It was my job to ride in the cart. Veeerrrrry dangerous!

    I am posting on FB now!

  18. we love to go to the lake in the summer, my kids tried to swim in the river today but is was tooooo cold,maybe another month , but it was so warm outside seemed like a good idea at the time lol
    i dont know if this is open to canada but will put my entry in anyways , we love wendys here
    staceyx at telus dot net

  19. I like the dollar items at Arby’s – smaller portions!
    Thank you.
    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  20. I love a lot of the food at Wendy’s but my very favorite thing there is a Frosty.


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