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Over at MomFuse, Dore posted a great review on the Scandle. Hmmm…Scandle? The name is very intruiging, no?

Do you like candles? Do you like massages? They go together like chocolate and peanut butter, no? (I’ve decided to add no? to most of my sentences today. Yes, I’m driving Mr. Mouthy nuts!)

Scandle is a candle that melts into a body lotion or massage oil. You can use it as, well, a body lotion or massage oil or you can use it as a parafin hand dip. Wow, no? (Okay, that one doesn’t really work, no?)

Scandles come in 18 different scents. Hummingbird anyone? “An original fragrance of kiwi, lilac, tiger lily, with pineapples and pears.” Yummy, no? *YES! That fits!*

You can even order these with a private label, perhaps to utuilze in your own day spa.

For those of you following The Husband Project, imagine the possibilities!!

Do you have a favorite candle? Favorite massage oil? Keep in family friendly, people!…no?

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