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I’m participating in several projects for the new book release “The Husband Project.” My first mission was to plan a date with my husband this weekend. My first pre-project was to find a babysitter. I had planned a quiet couple of hours at our local Starbucks. But my husband had different ideas…

We lined up the babysitter to arrive at 10:00 AM. Brian suggested we hit Home Depot “on the way.” Home Depot is about 20 minutes away. Starbucks is about 2 minutes away. Oh, well. We had some Christmas gift cards to spend and a date is a date no matter where. Right?

As we wandered the aisles of Home Depot, I recalled why I hate this orange store. My husband wants to look at every single thing in the store. He even hugged a rug, causing him to have rug fluff on his sweater all day. Okay, I have to admit, this was pretty cute.

We finally finished our Home Depot shopping. Nothing says romance like shelving for the playroom and pegboard for the garage! Then we hit Target, which I adore. I checked out a couple of products to review later. This time, I was the one who wanted to wander. Brian went to look at wii games while I browsed office and organizing supplies.

After calling the babysitter to say we’d be home at about 2, 3 hours after our scheduled ETA, we ate lunch at Taco Del Mar. Yummy! During lunch and on the way home, we laughed and joked and talked about some more. We hit a few serious topics as well.

I learned a couple of lessons:

1-A date really is a date, no matter the time of day or location. For some reason, I always think other married couples on “dates” romantically gaze into each others eyes and whisper of future goals and family mission statements. We talked shelf height and drawer length. Still, we talked. When do we talk at home with 2 little ones underfoot? With piles of laundry all around? We don’t. Not really. On this date, we really did.

2-Even though I hate Home Depot, I love my man. If I say I would go to the ends of the earth for him, surely I can wander to the very back corner of a large store, right?

3-In general, after spending time together, I feel a little kinder toward my husband. I desire to do sweet things for him and I tend to overlook minor faults.

4-Shh…this part is a secret. My husband doesn’t always complete chores, like installing shelving, in a timely manner. He had both of our projects installed and in working order before dinner. Reward for time spent together? Perhaps.

Don’t get me wrong…we aren’t a marriage on the rocks. We love each other, we’re committed to one another. But sometimes it starts to feel a little more roommate-ish than loving-my-soul-mate-ish. So far, I declare the Husband Project a success!

Tune in for the next Husband Project update!

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4 thoughts on “The Husband Project-Mission #1-Date

  1. Nicely done! I always struggle with what constitutes a date with the hubby. You are right, time spent together without the children often leads to meaningful conversation. The big orange store would not be my first choice, either, but the end result sounds like it worked out well. You are not alone, my friend.

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