The Husband Project-Mission #4-Man Food

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The project for today was to make Man Food for your man. Smothered steak, meat and potatoes-type stuff. Sounds easy, right?

Okay, I have to admit, this project was originally called, “Man Food Monday.” Today is Wednesday. Oh, well. I don’t think I’ve made an actual, thought-about-it-ahead-of-time meal since…last year? Sometime before Christmas? A long time ago…

Anywho…I asked BigMac (my blog name for my husband, to protect the innocent) what his favorite meal might be. Ah, anything, he said. Well, thanks. Thanks so much for your help. It reminds me of when my mom said she wished my dad would make one dinner suggestion. It’s hard to come up with meal ideas for 35 years. Now 45 years. Oy!

I planned out a week’s worth of meals and did a grand shopping trip (thanks for the cookies, Safeway!). I made meatloaf, mashed sweet potatoes, and lima beans. BigMac doesn’t like meatloaf, except mine! I don’t have the heart to tell him I just follow the directions on the back of the “meatloaf seasoning” envelope. The mashed sweet potatoes were to try something new, but somewhat safe. Lima beans…hmmm…he’s really been wanting to add more fruits and vegetables. Plus, my 4 year old has been reading a cute picture book called Stripes about a girl who secretly likes lima beans.

How did it go? Fantastic! I received my best cooking compliment ever…from my 4 year old. BigMac had to work late. He missed dinner, had to nuke it and eat it over the sink (his choice). He said the meatloaf was very tasty.

My best compliment? My sweet little dear has been asking lots of questions about “heathen” which is how she says heaven. She asked if there would be candy in heaven. I said sure, but there might be even better stuff, like Super Duper Awesome candy that we’ve never even tasted before. My little angel said, “You mean like this?” pointing to the meatloaf. Awww….

So, lessons learned…

1-Never have high expectations. Things change. If I would have been all stressed out about it, BigMac would have walked through the door into a battle zone. Silent treatment? Passive aggressive behavior? Who knows. Instead, he had children who were fed and in PJs, very excited to see Daddy. A wife who was chill about everything. Pretty good evening.

2-I thought about BigMac all day today…while I was planning the menu, shopping, and cooking dinner. Even though we didn’t have the Man Meal I was hoping for, I was really looking forward to seeing him. If nothing else, my mind was in the right place.

I’m so excited to see what’s in my inbox tomorrow!

PS-The Husband Project is a secret. If you happen to know BigMac, keep it on the DL…you know, the Down Low. Yo might be thinking, “wow, this chick is so 5 years ago,” or you might think ,”wow, she’s so hip.”

Enough rambling…I’m off to read my new book in the bathroom!

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