Toyota Sienna Minivan Review

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Before you read another word, you’ve GOT to check out this video about our new Swagger Wagon!

I’m not saying this is the only reason we bought our Toyota Sienna, but it may have play a role…a large role.


First off, the Toyota Sienna has an excellent safety record. That’s huge for the Mouthy Family. It has an airbag sensor to determine if the passenger airbag should be off or on. It has side curtain airbags and knee airbags for the driver and probably lots of other airbags we don’t even know about. The doors cannot be opened unless the car is in park. The main reason we picked the Toyota Sienna was that it can tow our little tent trailer. As far as I could tell, it’s the ONLY minivan on the market that has any decent towing capacity.


I am all about the bells and whistles, and the XLE is loaded. I’ve got headed leather seats, a back up camera, and blue tooth connectivity, so I can make phone calls from my steering wheel, or listen to music from my iPod. Did I mention the sunroof? The configuration is really easy to alter. The two front seats can be adjusted electronically. The next row can be two captain chairs or you can quickly put in the handy little jump seat to make it a bench. That third seat quite nice. I wouldn’t want to sit in it for a huge road trip, but for a couple of hours, it’s awesome. It’s has a handy little location in the back, so it’s easy to access. The last row is a 3 row bench seats. The seats easily fold down. When I say easily, I mean it. Even I can do it! I also love that both sliding doors and the back hatch can be opened with the key fob. And the door handle. And a button next to the sunroof button.

Gas mileage

I typically get between 20-22 miles per gallon. Not super awesome, but considering our last car got 12-14 mpg, we’re pretty darn thrilled. Also, it doesn’t need any special gas. Unlike my husband’s car. Do you hear me, Mr. Mouthy?


Since we are planning to drive this car until the end of time at least 10 years, this is a huge factor for us. Consumer Reports gave it really good marks.

Resale Value

This isn’t a big to us, but in case it is to you, the Toyota Sienna has great resale value. Historically, nearly all Toyota vehicles have good resale value.


A coworker of mine actually called this a “sexy minivan.” I’ve never heard such a thing, but thought I would pass it on to you. And just in case anyone searches for “sexy minivans” I want to make sure this post is on top of the results. There you have it folks, the Toyota Sienna is a sexy minivan.

Other Stuff

Our minivan came with 24 months of all necessary upkeep, including oil changes. We also have 24 hour road side assistance for the first 2 years. Pretty cool.

Just so you know, we purchased our Toyota Sienna through the Costco Car Program.

*Disclaimer-We bought this minivan all by ourselves. No one gave us a free minivan to test drive for 10 years. In case there’s any interest, I’d be happy to do that for almost any car. I’ll even do it for free. Yeah, I’m super nice like that.


PS-Still looking? Here are a few Toyota Siennas for sale on AutoTrader!

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4 thoughts on “Toyota Sienna Minivan Review

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  2. Glad that you like the Sienna. I don’t know about “sexy minivan”, that’s a bit much but I agree that it’s very stylish and good looking for a minivan… Mpg is also pretty good; important considering expensive gas prices nowadays.

    • The mileage is pretty great, especially for something with towing capabilities. We’re taking a road trip in our Sienna this summer and we’ll be in your area. Maybe will swing by for a visit! Thanks for your comment!

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