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So, did you love my series on “8 weeks to a Peaceful Christmas?” Yeah, neither did I, because I didn’t write it! I hosted my first Thanksgiving, which went well. Then I was sick for a week. Sorry, it just didn’t happen.

I had good intentions, just like I do every year. But now, it’s less than a week away from Christmas. What a girl to do?

Let’s triage Christmas. Triage is usually a medical term meaning they look at each case and decide what order to see patients. Heart attacks to the front of the line, minor cuts to the back of the line.

Step 1-Write down all the “Chrismtas Chores” you need to do. Shopping, wrapping, baking, writing.

Step 2-Prioritize your list in 3 columns: Must Do, Like To Do and Don’t Care.

Step 3-Cross off everything on the “Don’t Care” list. Seriously, if you don’t really care, don’t do it.

Step 4-Analyze your “Like To Do” list. What can go? Do you really need to do Christmas baking? Could you make just one thing, like fudge, and call it good? Better yet, just buy fudge and call it good. Cross off everything that isn’t essential.

Step 4-Prioritize. Put the remaining items in order from most important to least important.

Step 5-Again, analyze your list. What can be simplified? Maybe you can skip the Christmas letter and just do that every other year. Maybe you can email it this year, to save the time to print, address, stamp and send.

Now you have your list of “Must Do” Christmas Chores. How can you make each of these as simple as possible?

Shopping-Right now, you can get a free 30 day trial to Amazon Prime. Right after you sign up, go to your account to cancel the Auto Renew option. Now, you can order items available for Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping. Plus, your order can be less than $25, so if you need to send one item to your niece in Utah, go ahead. Here are some ideas:

For a couple on your list, consider a Heated Mattress Pad. You’ll need to know their mattress size. A dual control model is best, so one person can have their side warmer than the other. Keep in mind, one gift for a couple saves you time!

For teens or anyone who is hard to shop for, gift cards are the way to go. You’ll likely find a huge selection at your grocery or drug store. If that doesn’t work, check out our old friend Amazon. Amazon gift cards allow the recipient to purchase whatever they want! Plus, you can print this off Christmas morning, if needed.

For busy moms, anything from momAgenda will be a welcomed gift! I have the all-in-one and love it. I also use their menu planner and grocery list pads. Awesome!

If all else fails for shopping, you can also print off a picture of what you are planning to buy then have it sent after the holidays.

Now, take a deep breath, dive in, and Triage Christmas!

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