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Search & Win

Do you like free money? Yeah, I’m a fan, too.  Last year I started using SwagBucks and so far I’ve earned nearly $100 in Amazon gift cards. “Wait a sec, Miss Mouthy, can I earn free money too?” You betcha!

First you need to sign up for a SwagBucks account. Easy. (BTW, when you use this link, I get credit, so thanks!) Then, start searching! To earn the most SwagBucks, install it as your primary search tool. The website makes it super easy to download their toolbar. I “search” for nearly every website I use…gmail, facebook, whatever. Yes, it takes an extra step, but I’m earning dough, people!

You can also earn SwagBucks my taking surveys, buying products through SwagBucks, turning in cell phones and lots of other ways. It’s pretty painless.

In the SwagBucks store, you can buy gift cards (the $5 Amazon is my fave and the best value…I ran a spreadsheet…I’m nerdy like that), actual products or you can enter sweepstakes.  Some people save their gift cards to pay for Christmas or buy jackets for the homeless…I hoard them to buy silly stuff for myself that I would never actually pay for (see recent purchase of Jillian Michaels wii game).

What’s the catch? For you, nothing. The way SwagBucks earns it’s keep is this…many of the websites presented are “sponsored” meaning those folks paid SwagBucks to pop their website up on the results. This is just like Google’s “sponsored” links, which are all featured at the top. SwagBucks places the sponsored links throughout the results. They are clearly marked “sponsored” but since they are intermixed, you are less likely to skip over them.

Now, if I’m doing some serious research, I go back to google. If I’m heading to a specific website or finding random information, I hit up SwagBucks.

Ready to earn free money? Head over to SwagBucks and get searching!

Search & Win

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PS-This post might contain affiliate links, meaning if click on one and actually buy something, I might earn 2-10% back. I am planning to buy a latte with my monthly earnings!

One thought on “Website Review: SwagBucks-Earn free money!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you made a spreadsheet! One of the many reasons we’re friends. 🙂

    Did you get referall points when I signed up? I used the swidget.

    I think they are giving away 30 points just to sign up right now too.

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